What happens when a Powerlifter gets into a strength battle with a Street Workout specialist?

Everyone appreciates their sport and claims that their sport builds strength and muscle the best. But what really happens when a powerlifter meets an experienced calisthenics athlete and they get into a strength battle ?

Romano Rengel (a 25 year old powerlifter) and Bertrand Mbi ( a 24 year old street workout athlete) decided to challenge each other and see which sport creates a stronger athlete. The rules were simple – they both needed to do a few exercises with a certain loading. The exercises were as follows:

20 reps with 100 kgs on the bench press
15 pull ups with 40 kgs additional weight around the waist
15 dips with 40 kgs around the waist
25 squats with 90 kgs on the bar

Here is how the contest went down :

The Street workout guy started the contest a bit too confident if you ask me.

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