Powerlifter’s bloody encounter!

If you have watched the videos we post, you have probably noticed that we are fond of the strength wars on Youtube. Last time we posted the strongman vs the bodybuilder which was pretty intense. If you go through the videos you can find more interesting and hardcore strength battles – The cyclist VS the bodybuilder strength contest, the epic deadlifting contest in the back yard or the suicide squat battle.

This time the battle was unreal. Two powerlifters – Tommy Sins, a powerlifter from Berlin, Germany and Thomas Gleeson, a world level powerlifter and world record holder from Ireland, go head to head in an incredible strength contest.

The rules are simple, whoever completes the circuit faster is a winner. This was the circuit they did:

1. Bench Press – 20 reps with 140kgs (308 lbs)
2. Pull Ups – 20 reps with additional 20kgs (44 lbs)
3. Deadlifts – 20 reps with 220 kgs (485 lbs)

Here is the whole battle:

Congrats to both athletes as this task takes inhuman strength and conditioning to be completed.

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