Despite His Surgeries, Ronnie Coleman Got Back to Training

Most people consider bodybuilding to be reserved only for young people. This notion is based on the idea that our bodies reach their athletic peak somewhere between twenties and mid thirties. This belief is so strong that many of us, more often than not, decide to quit after reaching this age. If you are one of those people who think that bodybuilding is something that only people under the age of fifty can do,  just take a look at figures like Kevin Levrone, who proves you wrong still intimidating with his presence.


Of course, coming to certain age will pose some difficulties with your training. One of the greatest problems that come with older age are the injuries, which take longer time to heal. As a result of them, you might be not able to give your all. After all, most of us know somebody who decided to quit after a major injury because of lack of determination to continue. Well, we certainly know certain someone who decided to defy both of these norms.

His name is Ronnie Coleman!!! Holding eight Mr. Olympia titles, Ronnie was considered the cream of the bodybuilder’s crop. All through his career he showed dedication to this sport, working hard to earn this titles. However, as he was ending his career Coleman paid the tool of all the hard training with numerous injuries that trouble his body in his fifties.

As a result this February he underwent 11 surgeries that nailed him to the bed for some time.  Yet, if you thought that losing the ability to walk could stop him from returning to the gym… guess you hadn’t known the man that well!  It would take more than that to stop Ronnie doing what he really loves. See for yourself in the video bellow.

What do you think about Ronnie starting training again. Can he get back in a decent shape or have the injuries taken the best of Ronnie ?

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