The Bodybuilder that Got Diagnosed With Imaginary Lat Syndrome

Enter any commercial gym and you’ll see dozens of young men walking with arms outstretched as though returning from a two-for-one sale on invisible watermelons.

To more seasoned lifters, it’s painfully obvious why these skinny wannabe muscleheads walk this way. They want to look big, broad, and intimidating, yet their go-to “program” of bench presses, biceps curls, and mid-set texting has left them looking like, well, dorks.

So they improvise and just adopt the standard gym peacock walk, hoping it will conceal their obvious lack of upper body mass. They’re not fooling anybody.

Robert Frank made a hilarious video the other day about imaginary lat syndrome. Many guys in the gym definitely have this imaginary lat syndrome, walking around like they are carrying two water melons. Watch this hilarious video below were Robert Frank is diagnosed with Imaginary lat syndrome.

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