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Comedian Kevin Hart’s Workout is No Joke

When you think of Kevin Hart, you probably think of him as a funny, short guy. And with a good reason, as Hart always makes jokes about his own height. But, behind the scenes, in his private life Kevin works real hard, not only for his stage performance, but in the gym as well. A real proof of his dedication is the video that Nike has released recently.
Kevin decided to change his body for the better when he thought that his fans were looking at him every night, and he was not in top shape. In Nike’s “Inner Strength” video, he says, “I got a good look at myself on camera one day, and I thought to myself, people are paying money to see me. If I’m nowhere near the top of my game, then I’m cheating those who support me the most.”

Hart adopted a “no excuses, no days off” mentality and started working out whenever he could, making time for exercise in his busy schedule. He sometimes works out early in the morning, as early as 5:30 am, and sometimes he works out in the evening, after his long day at work.

In the video, Hart does an intense workout including exercises like push ups, rope slams, pull ups to dumbbell lateral raises. Watch the video and you will definitely change the way you see Kevin Hart.

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