What Happens When a Bodybuilder Knows MMA ?

It is commonly believed that bodybuilders are not efficient when it comes to fighting and mixed martial arts. And this belief is partially true, simply because for a fighter, skill and mobility are more important than the muscle mass they carry. But happens when a bodybuilder learns MMA and starts training for mobility and flexibility ?

Who is Alain Ngalani ?

Alain Ngalani – The Panther (42 years old) from Cameroon is a bodybuilder, mixed martial artist, and four-time muay thai world champion. What is amazing about Alain is that although he carries huge muscle mass, he is incredibly flexible and explosive, which shows that if a person works on their flexibility and skills, muscle mass will not get in their way.

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On Sunday, 17th of September Ngalani knocked his opponent Hideki Sekine in just 11 seconds and one punch in wildbout on the One Championship’s Total Victory card in Jakarta. This KO will be remembered as one of the fastest knockouts in MMA history.

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