Bodybuilding Evolution : What Has Bodybuilding Evolved Into ?


Those guys had an impeccable work ethic – they trained hard and ate right, and while some of them used s******s as well, their gains were mostly real and sustainable.

Yet in the last twenty years, alongside with all the developments in science, training equipment and nutrition, we face an unwitnessed demand for shortcuts to success that people are willing to pay with their lives for.

This trend has put the bodybuilding community through a lot of shaming as an unhealthy, shallow practice done by narcissistic men and women who only care about increasing their size.


Although bodybuilding is now more popular than ever, when such beliefs spread around less and less people are able to get in touch with the real spirit of bodybuilding – the desire to improve and evolve, both physically and mentally, through disciplining the body and mind.

No matter what anyone does, bodybuilding is not about unnaturally creating inhumane-looking bodies without any purpose or regard to the cost and consequences, and thankfully, there are a lot of bodybuilders who are well aware of this.

That makes it our shared responsibility to inform, educate and support our fellow builders to make the right decisions and share our passion for bodybuilding as a healthy way of life within our communities. We have the power to transform the negative image of this amazing discipline and lead it back where it all started – achieving optimal health and perfect aesthetics to complete our life.

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