6 Strategies to Boost The Fat Burning Process

Ketones help you lose weight!

A lot of professional bodybuilders dream of not changing their diet before a competition or a show, but it’s never that simple nor is it easy. There are a lot of determinants that will obstruct your path to weight loss and will lead you down a path of pain instead. So, when eating Pop Tarts and dropping your carbs to very low levels doesn’t work, you’re going to need something different. Usually, professional bodybuilders will drop carbs down to 30 grams per day for four consecutive days, while at the same time taking 20-25 grams per day of medium-chain triglycerides and around 3-5 grams of carnitine. When you take this combination, it makes your metabolism change itself in a way that will burn more fat.

When you don’t take enough carbohydrates for a prolonged period of time, the process of creating ketones in your body begins. Ketones are a side effect from the fat burning process and will make you a bit leaner by giving your metabolic rate a small boost. Also, they prevent your body from disintegrating muscle fiber to use as energy when you don’t eat enough carbs – instead, the body burns the ketones first. If you have a lot of ketones in your blood, your body will use them up for energy before it uses any muscle fiber or fat.

Carnitine, on the other hand, is an amino acids and it helps you lose weight by pushing fatty acids in the muscle cell systems. There, the fatty acids are processed for energy and your body gets a push towards burning fat instead of muscle fiber. Also, when you take carnitine you boost the processing of ketones in your body, which means you will use them better. Also, the ketones will become more efficient at stopping your body from disintegrating muscle tissue to use as energy.


Salt helps you keep water in your body!

When you do a low-carb diet for any period of time, you will notice that your muscles will start appearing much flatter than usual. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having flatter muscles but when you go on stage you should look your best, and that isn’t it. Flat muscles are actually a good indicator that your glycogen stores are being used and when they reach a certain low level, the body starts burning fat as well.

However, when you go flat and you’re also doing a prolonged diet, you risk interfering with your muscle maintenance. There are a lot of potential influences on holding or losing your precious and hard-earned muscle mass when you start getting leaner, and one of these influences is the amount of water in your muscles. When your glycogen stores are high, they attract water into your muscles, which gives their non-flat shape and also some of their mass.

However, when your glycogen stores are exhausted below a certain point, you will also lose muscle mass because of the drop of the amount of water inside your muscles, making your muscles look like they’re losing mass. There is a very convenient and easy way to retain water in your muscles while not eating lots of carbs – eat more salt. Sodium retains water in your body by trapping it under your skin, but it also has a special internal pump that lets glucose from carbs, creatine and amino acids go from their creation right into the muscles. All of them will retain water with them and they will have an influence on the fluid receptors in your muscles, which in turn encourage muscle retention.

When you want to burn fat, you need your metabolic rate up high. And because muscles are a calorie burning powerhouse, they will help you lose fat in the long run. It’s not your usual dietary advice, but you can actually get bigger muscles by eating more salt. When you’re dropping your carbohydrate intake, be sure to take 20 milligrams of sodium for every pound of bodyweight you have. If you weigh 250 pounds, you should take 5000 milligrams.

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