Most Common Ways to Elevate Your Muscle Building Hormones

Building new muscle tissue is very much influenced by your overall hormonal balance. It is always a good strategy to improve that balance, which in turn allows optimal muscle growth and good overall health. The main hormone that supports muscle building is testosterone, which is a naturally occurring hormone in your body that has lots of important functions in your body, including muscle growth, minimizing fat gain, increasing strength and giving you more energy among others.

If you aspire to be as fit as possible and build an impressive muscular body keeping high testosterone levels should be of utmost importance. Muscle building is hard as it is, let alone trying to do while you have low levels of testosterone. Instead of injecting exogenous testosterone, there are ways to force your body to release more testosterone the natural way. We present you five natural ways you can use to increase testosterone production.

Get rid of stress

As is widely reported, there is a strong negative connection between stress levels and muscle building. The reason for this is the release of the hormone known as cortisol when you are under stress. Cortisol is the number one enemy to muscle building because it inhibits the natural release of testosterone and weakens your immune system. By lowering stress levels you are also decreasing the release of cortisol which destroys muscle tissue.

Sleep more

This advice has been mentioned millions of times in millions of fitness articles so it’s likely you aren’t even paying attention to it anymore. Let’s reiterate it just in case. It is that important. This is because sleeping is the time when new muscle tissue is built and when testosterone production is elevated.

That’s why it is very important to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, otherwise, you would be shortchanging yourself of a valuable hormone that will optimize muscle growth. Lack of sleep also drains your energy and makes your weaker for your training sessions.

Lift weights

Numerous studies have proven the enormous positive effect that compound movements like deadlifts and squats have on muscle growth and natural production of testosterone. That’s why it is important that you incorporate these compound movements in your training program which will give a boost to your muscle building efforts and elevate your testosterone levels which will make building muscle much easier.

Take testosterone boosting supplements

Certain compounds have the effect of boosting natural testosterone production and sadly we do not ingest enough of these compounds via a regular diet. You can find a lot of them in various testosterone boosting supplements offered on the market and you should consider purchasing one to experience its full benefits.

Lose the excess fat

High body fat levels are known to inhibit the release of testosterone. That is why it is essential that you keep healthy body fat levels throughout the entire year. If you have excess fat you should definitely it make it a priority to lost it first, before embarking on a muscle building pursuit.

As we previously mentioned, testosterone boosters not only increase testosterone levels but they also help you lose fat, because if you don’t have high levels of testosterone it will be harder for you to lose the excess fat. You shouldn’t allow accumulating too much fat in the first place, so you won’t have to experience symptoms of low testosterone levels and go through the hassle of losing it. That is why so many overweight people have trouble losing fat, since their testosterone levels are already low, to begin with.


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