6 Strategies to Boost The Fat Burning Process

There are many effective fat burning supplements!

We’ve mentioned that if you eat less, you will burn less. This is true, but it is also avoidable. If you provide your body, and especially your metabolism, with enough support to keep it going when your daily caloric intake is lowered, you can avoid all unsavory decisions. For example, ephedrine-free dieting supplements raise your metabolism processing power and keep it elevated all the way through your diet.

If you want a fat burning product that will work, look for one that will boost your norepinephrine, which is a hormone that will boost your metabolic fat burning to use up as energy. Nor-epinephrine levels rise when you’re exercising, however as your diet goes on, a lot of people have found that these levels drop. This is also because your body adapts to the new situation and it is practically fighting you on your quest to become ripped. When you support your nor-epinephrine, your body avoids the starvation mode and burns even more fat. Norepinephrine makes your body unable to go into adaptation mode at all, and it will not slow down – instead, you’re going to keep burning the same amount of calories as if you weren’t on a diet, but those extra calories will come from your fat tissue!


You can burn more if you switch up your cardio!

When you do cardio continuously for a while, your body will adapt to the extra calories needed to finish the activities and it will burn far less fat, when you would expect it to burn more. This is another response by the body that comes from adaptation to new circumstances and it happens when you do the same diet or exercise routine for a prolonged period of time. Don’t despair though, there is a way to side-step this too! You just need to spike your cardio every once in a while for a couple of days and that will give your metabolism a huge boost.

If you’re a professional bodybuilder and you do cardio five days a week for half an hour per day, and you reached a ceiling, what would you do? Well, if you wanted to shed those last few pounds so your physique can be seen in all of its glory, you would need to do three of those half hour sessions on both Saturday and Sunday. This seems hard but it’s really not – those sessions can be as easy as a walk in the park or on the street – literally any activity that will force your body to look for energy in those parts that give up their fat the hardest. However, this is not for every weekend – maybe every two weeks in the six weeks before a competition or show.

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