Will Skipping Breakfast Make You Lose Fat Faster?

Does that mean that everyone should skip their breakfast?

Not at all. We don’t intend to prove that skipping your breakfast can be the only option to lose the extra fast since it’s obvious that there’s a multitude of diets and nutrition plans which have been proven repeatedly to be very effective. We are merely trying to give a different perspective to the issue.

It could also be said that skipping your breakfast is a lot more reasonable from a metabolic perspective. Losing the excess fat is not the only benefit that skipping breakfast brings. It brings a lot of other benefits to your health like:

You give the pancreas and the stomach a much-needed rest from the constant secretion of digestive fluids like bicarbonate and HCL (Hydrochloric acid). Both compounds help with the extermination of dangerous bacteria, neutralizing your stomach’s pH levels and mixing different food nutrients. This results is improved digestion and food movement in your intestines.

You allow the pancreas to recover from the constant secretion of hormones and digestive enzymes. This will, in turn, optimize the secretion of enzymes, improve the breakdown of food and improve the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Skipping your breakfast will also re-sensitize your cells to glucose and make them utilize more optimally. Basically, you make them a lot more efficient when it comes to utilizing glucose coming from ingested carbs and transforming it into usable energy.

And last but not least, when you skip breakfast you can better control your hunger. The majority of people start eating immediately if they hear the stomach making sounds. When you skip breakfast you will significantly reduce and better control hunger. That way you recalibrate your body to eat only when it really needs nutrients.

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Does skipping breakfast really aid with losing fat faster?

If what you’ve read so far still hasn’t convinced you of the benefits of skipping breakfast or at least postponing it, then the best way to get convinced is to do an experiment on yourself and see if you get any results.

You should always take into consideration that the body has lots of glycogen reserves in your liver, around 70-100 grams, which would provide you with around 350-400 calories coming from the stored glucose should your body really need it. And that’s beside the excess amount of fat you already have and will be burning, no matter your body fat levels. So, you needn’t worry. If you choose to skip your breakfast, there are lots of energy reserves in your body to keep it running smoothly.

It needs to be stressed that the purpose of this article is not to convince you to always skip breakfast. It is to use it as one of the many strategies which will help you burn fat faster. As we already know, the majority of people nowadays carry too much fat and eating breakfast every day is most certainly not helping them get rid of it, especially if it is comprised of processed sugars, which it most commonly is. You don’t need to eliminate breakfast at once, nor should you eliminate it altogether. Skip it twice, maybe thrice a week or you could try 5 days of the week. It’ll control your hunger, keep you healthy and shed the excess fat.

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