Use These 8 Tips to Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels for Muscle, Strength and Performance

The process of increasing your muscle mass can’t be simplified to a single nutritional prescription. You can’t just say something like : take more protein and that’s  it.

In order to create a successful diet you must take into consideration all the aspects of your eating habits, and include all the needed nutrients like protein, carbs and essential fats, which provide you with the good calories. In that respect, one of the aspects of bodybuilding diet that often gets overlooked is how the consumed food affects our blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar level is how much sugar, or glucose, you have in your blood. This sugar is derived by your body in a process of breaking the carbohydrates you consume. Depending on the scope of your daily activities, this glucose will either be absorbed by your muscles and turned into muscle glycogen, which is very important for muscle recovery and growth, or shall be stored as fat.

In this article we’ll try to present the nutritional keys in blood sugar levels stabilization. While low blood sugar level can result in slower growth, increased levels can have disastrous effect on your body. Follow these eight tips to maintain your sugar levels stable, preventing unwanted ups and downs.


If you have noticed that you keep piling up fat when following bulking diet high on calories, you should avoid sugar. Instead, turn to with slower-burning carbohydrates, such as oats, whole-grain bread and yams. People with higher percentage of body fat might experience these drops and rises of sugar level more often than leaner people.

One of the properties of sugar is that it gets in and out of our blood very quickly. When blood sugar suddenly drops, you may experience weakness and fatigue, and increase the catabolic hormones. People with faster metabolism who remain lean even when exposed to a bulking diet, on the other hand, should increase their daily consumption of carbohydrates.

Leaner people have more stable blood sugar levels, which helps them in building up nearly fat-free muscle tissue.


Egg whites and fish are ideal sources of protein for people who try to cut down on fats. When going for bulking diet, you should consume protein food that has more nutritional fat, in order to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Dietary fat slows down the digestion, thus preventing the sudden drops in blood sugar levels. Maintaining them stable, is very important for two reasons: at the same time you increase your growth and reduce gaining fats.


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