Bodybuilding : Nutrition Tips For A Great Body

If you are a part of the Iron game, you probably know the basic principles of building muscle and losing fat. Lift heavy, eat right and get plenty of rest if you want to succeed in this game called bodybuilding. Sometimes, however, people tend to forget basic things that can make them successful athletes and stand out from the crowd. They say that building muscle and losing fat is 70 percent nutrition, so here is a list of basic nutrition reminders to help you get the body of your life.

1. Protein is the base. Your muscles are made of protein and this makes protein the essential macro nutrient you have to consume in order to build muscle mass. You need to consume at least 1.2-1.3 grams of protein per pound of your weight every day. This is a must if you plan to actually build muscle instead maintaining it. Good sources of protein include meats like beef,chicken and turkey, eggs, fish – tuna, salmon and herring and cottage cheese.

2. Complex carbohydrates throughout the day – oatmeal, brown , potatoes,  pasta etc. and fast carbs right after the workout. Complex carbs will ensure stable insulin levels during the day, they will give you more energy for intensive weight training sessions, while fast carbs will reload the depleted glycogen faster after training.

3. Eat essential fatty acids. Healthy fats are crucial for numerous body functions such as proper brain and heart activity, hormone regulation and control of energy levels. Great sources of EFAs are nuts and seeds, fish, fish oil, some fruits like avocado and papaya.

4. Eat your vegetables. Vegetables are a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fiber provides bulk to foods, therefore making you feel fuller longer. It also keeps the the insulin levels and blood sugar levels steady by making the food digest longer.


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