The Weed Effect: Muscles And Weed

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s scene after winning the 1975 Mr. Olympia where he celebrates the title by smoking joint and eating fried chicken, is one of the most referenced movie scenes.

However, it does sparks few questions. Did Arnold really inhaled when shooting this scene? – is one of them. The other is: Does weed have negative or positive effect on muscle growth?

Weed vs. Testosterone

Although the effect that weed has on the testosterone production has been subject to many studies their results are inconclusive at best. The research has revealed that the production of testosterone marked a slight decrease in people who had previously smoked weed  occasionally or never, and this should be considered as alarming. On the other hand, the same research shows that the testosterone production remained unchanged in regular smokers. Having in mind that testosterone is very important in gaining muscle mass, think twice before gambling with weed if you aspire to be a bodybuilder.


Many people find smoking weed after workout as very relaxing. Providing your body with rest after exhausting day at the gym, is one of the most important things for muscle recovery and growth. This can be considered as a plus. Easing the tension of the body after hard day of training can help you relax even better, so smoking or ingesting weed can provide you with better rest.


Weed is also notorious for creating munchies. This increased appetite can either have harmful or favorable effects, depending on your discipline. If you can maintain your discipline and fight of urges, then you have nothing to worry about. As a matter of fact, you can even turn these munches into an advantage, using them to bulk up. However, if you find it hard to resist binge eating, smoking or eating Weed can be disastrous for your diet, as it will send your hunger into an overload.

Mental Focus

One of the side-effects of weed is that it affects our mental focus and our short term memory. Also, smoking can result with a sense of lethargy and relaxation, thus hurting our mental drive, which, in turn, can end up hurting our focus at training making you sluggish and uninspired. You, might want to avoid that, because dedication and focus

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