Can Fruit Make You Fat ?

How high fructose intake can derail your bodybuilding goals ?

Any professional bodybuilder who’s been in the game for many years can affirm that losing fat requires you to reduce fruit consumption. The reason for this is that fruits have lots of carbs in them, but also because fruits have a high content of fructose, or fruit sugar. Bodybuilders have known a long time about one negative aspect of fructose, which makes it different from the other sugars.

When you ingest it, it doesn’t get sent to your muscles. Instead, it needs to pass through the liver and provided the liver already has lots of carbs stored in it (glycogen form), it starts converting fructose into fat.

One study has confirmed that fructose consumption can be more detrimental than what we’ve thought previously.  The scientists conducting the study had the participants follow a standard diet, but they also separated them in two groups, where the first group drank beverages that were sweetened with glucose, and the other group with fructose. After the 10-week study, both groups experienced weight gain, however, the participants in the group that consumed fructose also experienced a multitude of other problems.

The most dramatic change was the fact that fructose actually changed the manner in which their bodies metabolized dietary fat, which in turn created new fat tissue around the vital organs, like the liver and the heart. The group also saw a decrease in their insulin sensitivity, which is related to the development of diabetes and is known to reduce fat burning and inhibit muscle building.

This is why we suggest that you restrict your fructose consumption. Avoid products that have fructose added in them or high-fructose corn syrup. It goes without mention that you should also restrict fruit intake.

This doesn’t mean you should eat no fruit at all since fruits provide valuable compounds like phytonutrients which help with weight loss and muscle building. It simply means that you limit your consumption to 2 or 3 servings daily and eat them first thing in the morning or add them in your pre-workout meal.


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