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Without a doubt — “bulking up” has gotten a bad name lately, but let me tell you why first. One thing Dan Duchaine really grilled into us during our interview with him – is how the market controls everything. The market honestly is not for the cultish class of rebel bodybuilders who want to get extremely massive and shake the earth at his every step. No, the market is for Joe public who would like to look lean all year round and build some muscle if he can too. And what is the next most important facet – convenience! It must be simple, easy to do, and just not a pain in the a*s to follow day in and day out.

Yes, everyone wants to be big muscularly if they can, but to the majority – being lean and muscular is vastly more important. OK, I agree that the majority of bodybuilders out there are in this class. I don’t actually consider those guys HARDCORE in my definition of he word but I must see their side too. To me bodybuilding is about growing not dieting (deprivation).

What I want you to look at is this — the big picture. Are you reading this and want to put on as much muscle, as fast as you possibly can — for the pursuit of your long-term goal?

Or do you want to maybe compromise muscular gains, growing at a much slower rate but you look lean the whole way while trying to put on muscle? This is the tremendously hard decision you have t make. And yes, I feel it is tremendously hard because no one wants to build muscle at a less then optimum rate and no one wants to be a little fatter than they have to be.

Let’s simplify things shall we? Basically you can divide pretty much all the new and old concept diets into two groups. First there is the moderate to low calorie diets which include (nutrient density, high fat [variation] to fat, low caw) diet theories in which in the overwhelming majority of them the calories are pretty much below 3500.

Then there is the moderate to high calorie diets which include High Protein, Parillo, High fat [again — variation] high carb, etc.) diet theories.

I’m going to be blatantly honest here so bear with me. If you want to stay fairly lean (let’s say optimally lean — that’s a better description) and in a genuinely easy diet concept to follow — all along building muscle along the way (not optimally though), then you should probably be on one of the diets in the first group. You have to do what makes you happy and a lot of you won’t be happy being a little plump even though you wilt be a lot bigger muscle wise.

As a lot of you know, what looks good on paper doesn’t always play out well in real life. And more than anywhere else diet theories which even in my discerning eyes, look good on paper — definitely don’t play out well in the gym. I must repeat this. You must think this out and decide what makes you happy. I don’t want you guys coming back and saying “Those ****in’ guys at H.M. made me fat! Yea. I’m a lot bigger but I’m fat!” I ain’t gonna deal with it. (How’s that for some slang) (My grandmother the English teacher would kill me) So now I’m going to state some facts outside the science/paper arena — that I have seen happen in real life. I’m willing to bet that when you guys think about it, you will come to the same conclusions I have.

A) I have never seen a juiced bodybuilder taking in about 3000 calories a day, go beyond the gains of what ONLY the use/abuse of the sauce has let him gain.

Al) I have seen juiced bodybuilders who took in a tremendous amount of calories get muscle gains and thickness at the fastest rate possible, and so beyond the 3000 calorie/nutrient dense bodybuilders that there isn’t even a close comparison, And don’t even try to argue, “Well it looks like it because they are holding more bodyfat.” True, but when these guys come down in weight there is so much more muscle!

B) I have never seen a natural bodybuilder who tried to stay lean year-round, put on a dramatic increase of muscle size. If you added up alt their brutally hardcore workouts there is no way in Hell that 2-4LBS —at the most (I’ve seen O LBS) in a year is worth it!

BI) I have seen natural bodybuilders who make tremendously huge gains in bodyweight between contests, (and take a lot of verbal abuse for it) come in and crush the competition continually because they gain 10-15LBS of muscle underneath fat every year. Natural powerlifters absolutely crush natural bodybuilders in contests decisively. Why? Off-season bulk-up!

C) Correction — I have seen genetically gifted African-American
bodybuilders make gains no matter what the Hell they do! And rarely a genetically superb Caucasian bodybuilder too! Ninety-eight percent of you reading this aren’t in those groups so keep reading.

Cl) I guarantee you — GUARANTEE! — that somewhere right now there is a natural bodybuilder right now reading this who is ****ed off and saying it is bull****. This guy trains incredibly hard, eats incredibly clean, uses the best supplements religiously and stays lean and muscular year -round. Don’t try to argue with him, because he is set in his ways—that’s how natural guys (and some juicers too) are. They are right and you are wrong. They are the most holier-than-thou experts around. I only have one thing to say — check the scale! You weighed 188 three years ago and now you weigh 190??!! Great — in 10 tears you will weigh 200L8S! CASE CLOSED! Two hundred and eight workouts in a year for a measly pound of muscle!

D) Shawn Ray, Tony Pearson, Porter Cottrell, Lee Labrada, Mike Ashley, Robby Robinson — these are examples of some bodybuilders who stay lean year-round —and there are some very big guys here and also some very good bodybuilders (Ray, Labrada) but honestly how much improvement in muscle mass do you see from year to year!! Not that much.

Dl) Dorian Yates, Nasser El Sombaty, Dave Fisher, Lee Priest, Chris Duffy, Michael Francois. Here are some great and middle of the road bodybuilders too. But all these guys do pound the food and get bigger every year. Especially the first four! Yates, Sombaty and Fisher are all over 30 or close to it. They have been lifting for over 10 years and are gaining big time muscle still. There are some non-wealthy bodybuilders in both groups, so don’t be ignorant and say, “They must use more drugs:”

E) Is this bodybuilding or should it be called “body leaning” because it seems to me that is where all the new diets are leading to in my eyes. The compromising of extreme muscle gains for the general fear of being fat. I want you to ask yourself this —How long does it take to build extreme muscle size? I would say 5-15 years in my opinion, —— — How long does it take to lose body fat once you have reached the huge muscle size you want? 3-5 months??!! You tell me what the focus should be on. A friend reminded me of something There are models and strippers out there that take a lot of s******s (some on the level of chronic abuse) who train hard, eat really clean because they have to stay lean for their job and yet — they look the exact same year after year after year. When they first started using s******s— yes they looked better — but they hit that plateau fairly quick and stayed there.


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