will 100 sit ups a day build abs

Will 100 sit ups a day give you abs or burn fat ?

Will 100 sit ups a day build visible abs or burn fat ? This question has been asked thousands, if not millions of times before. Anyone that is a beginner when it comes to working out will want the fastest way to achieve their goals and perfect body, it’s natural even if it’s unrealistic. 

And unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Doing 100 sit ups a day won’t give you abs. It won’t burn much fat either. In fact doing a hundred of any exercise a day won’t help you get the thing you want as fast as possible, because even if you do a hundred sit ups, you will also need a strict diet to see a noticeable weight change and fat loss that is necessary to reveal the so called “washboard” abs.

Yes, exercise is an important part in building your body and losing weight, but despite all of those things, there is no going around the absolute fact that the crux of seeing and experiencing the weight change and fat loss to display any muscle definition, especially abs, is to have a healthy diet. Those diet and nutrition changes that you will most definitely need are going to be a subject for another separate article.

In this particular one though, we’re looking at the facts that targeted fat loss, which is also known as spot reduction is not an actual thing that’s within the realm of possibility, no matter the amount of crunches you do or other scam products you’re offered.

Regardless, the only reliable way to lose weight and fat from your belly is to lose fat from your entire body. Simply doing sit ups or crunches daily won’t give you the results you’re looking for, even though you might have heard or read the opposite. One important and large difference you need to understand is the difference between strengthening the ab muscles and losing the layer of fat that’s over top on them.

Mostly, when we hear people saying that they want a rocking six pack or a flat belly, what they are actually saying is that they want that top layer of fat covering the muscles on their midsection gone. You may think of doing sit ups and crunches kind of like doing a bicep curl of sorts. It goes without saying though that each specific type of exercise strengthens and focuses on a specific group of muscles on your body.

Most importantly though, as we have mentioned before, is that the only thing that burns body fat is having a calorie deficit. That’s the process when you burn more calories through any type of exercise than you consume over a certain period of time (mostly calculated daily).

This of course means that you have to incorporate regular cardio workouts and resistance workouts in your daily exercise regimen. Last but certainly not least, the most important factor that will contribute to losing fat from your body will be having a healthy diet.

Cutting out the junk food, sweets, and empty calories from store brought juice and fizzy drinks and swapping them out for more fruits, vegetables and low calorie but filling foods will help you immensely on your journey!

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