Bodybuilding’s Dirty Dozen – 12 Main Rules For Building Muscle Mass

9. Curb your partying

Sleep is one of the variables needed to see good results, the same as proper nutrition. That means no more staying up late. If you know you will need to stay up late, plan to take a nap tomorrow. Otherwise, you will feel exhausted which will leave you unable to train optimally and recover and grow afterwards. Alcohol and drugs are also proven to seriously derail your progress, so stay away from those as much as possible. Again, your own priorities will determine which decision you will make.

10. Use supplements

protein supplements

Supplements are an excellent addition to the food you should already be consuming in proper quantities. Protein powders can ease the way into achieving your daily protein goals, creatine can boost your energy levels, L-glutamine and pre-workout supplements can help you train harder and longer and recover more easily. You should also be taking multivitamins, minerals, fish oil etc. When you have created the optimal environment in your body, you will grow better and faster.

11. S******s aren’t everything

Let’s get something straight, s******s work. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. However, that leads some people to believe that they are the magic solution to every problem they are encountering in their bodybuilding pursuit. So, they stop training as hard as they did or eating as properly, thinking the s******s will do the work all by themselves.

I would make the following comparison: the ones who give it all they got into their training eating and recovering, plus using small amounts of s******s will look a lot better than the ones using huge doses and aren’t doing the necessary work. The second group will, of course, find excuses in that the former group is using a lot more than they are, the reason being for them looking better, although it’s quite the opposite.

12. Believe you’ll succeed

To really succeed in this game you need to truly believe in yourself and your capabilities. You need to envision it in your mind first in order to apply it in reality. You will almost certainly find opposition from others, either family members or friends, who will try to dissuade from pursing it further or try to discourage you and belittle your goals. Others will tell you what you’re doing is vain, unproductive or ridiculous.

It might sound a bit corny, but you really need to have decided strongly, both heart and soul, that you will achieve the physique you want. The hardest part is believing it when no one does. When you are left without support and you are the only one who supports you! Bodybuilding is thought of as a purely physical pursuit, but the mind, in fact, plays a much bigger role, in that it drives you towards your goals and keeps you in check about everything you do in order to achieve those goals.

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