4 Ways To Increase Growth Hormone Naturally

Every one of us would like to feel younger, stronger and look leaner and well built. One of the hormones in the body that is  most responsible for how we look and feel is the Human Growth Hormone or HGH.

When we are young the growth hormone secretion is at its peak, but as we grow older (after 25-26 years of age) the levels of this hormone are declining. Some side effects from low levels of HGH include: loss of strength, increased body fat and poor sleep quality. There are a number of ways you can increase your HGH levels, feel younger and look better and here are four of them:

1. Sleep more

This has been said countless times, but rarely do people take it seriously.During deep sleep we experience five stages of REM sleep. Researches show that our pituitary gland releases highest growth hormone quantities (about 40-50% of the daily GH dose) between our third and fourth REM (rapid eye movement) sleep stages. If we fall into a routine of getting little sleep, less growth hormone is produced and our body starts feeling the negative effects.

2. Short and intense workouts

According to some researches short and intense workouts can trigger positive hormonal response like GH and IGF-1 release. So whether lifting weights is your passion or running, remember not to overdo it. This means 35-45 minute HEAVY weight lifting workouts and 15 minute sprints instead of 1 hour jogs.

3. Low glycemic meals

Growth hormone levels increase significantly when your insulin levels are low.More precisely GH levels are declining when blood sugar is high (insulin levesl are high at this time to bring down blood sugar). This means that consuming a large amount of high glycemic carbohydrates could completely stop GH release. In other words high carbohydrate, low fat diet is devastating to growth hormone levels.

However, higher insulin levels are needed to promote the benefits of growth hormone drive amino acids into the muscle cells. This means that you should eat low glycemic carbs throughout the day and eat the high glycemic carbs immediately after the workout or on controlled cheat days.

4. Intermittent fasting

As we said before GH increases when blood sugar levels get low and some studies say that can be up to 5 times higher after a 24 hour fast. This hormonal peak causes the body to burn fat as energy, instead of breaking down muscle protein. You can try the  The Renegade Diet plan or the Intermittent fasting protocol where you eat 8 hours and then fast the next 16 hours every day.

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