The Four Basic Principles of Muscle Building

Most of you are probably tired of reading a title that offers you a fantastic no-sweat routine, just to find out that the article you have read is the exact opposite of what you’ve been promised.

They either offer some sound, yet overly complicated and back bending training protocol, or they are just full of crap. It’s enough to fill you with skepticism, and force you to take everything you read with a grain of salt.

Well, you might want to forget about that salt today, because in this article we are really going to stick to the basic methods of getting huge. After all, it’s always wise to learn the basic moves before setting out into the world of advance players.


Don’t Complicate Your Routine

Many people still believe that there is an ultimate workout routine out there, that will help them build their muscles bigger and better than all the others.

They spend hours upon hours reading about different routines, trying out the routine, and dismissing the routine. In fact, some of them spend more times in reading and reevaluating workout routines, than executing them. If you are one of them, stop with this foolishness immediately.

Word of wisdom: There is no ultimate workout routine! There is no perfect and most efficient method for sculpting the muscles that works for all.  

It doesn’t really matter which routine you choose, as long as it works. That’s the most important, and probably the only important factor in choosing your workout protocol.

Be sure that it works for you! It doesn’t need to have a fancy badass name. It doesn’t matter whether it was used by Ronnie or Arnold or Lee to help them grow their quads or lats or whatever.

What matters is that it works for you. Another important thing is to keep the routine as simple as possible. Avoid complicated routines and go for simple routine with compound exercises with focus on progression of your lifts.

We recommend choosing routines that include the following exercises: squats, deadlifts, bench press, and a variation of the overhead press.

On the other hand, if the proposed routine relies on giant sets, drop sets and establishing the mind to muscle connection, think twice before attempting it.

And stay away from routines that rely on performing isolation movements. They are just a waste of time and energy, at least when you are an intermediate or a beginner. What you need is:


Lots of Heavy Lifting

best way to squat

Although isolation movements are not to be underestimated, doing a lot of them with light weights will only make you mediocre. If you want them to get really huge, however, you need to go heavy. It doesn’t matter what your rep range will be, and it doesn’t matter how fast you perform them.

Heavy weights tax the muscles much more than light(er) weights, and this is what you need to trigger hypertrophy for.  When you become accustomed to lifting heavy weights, it won’t matter if you perform the incline bench with an angle of 22 or 24 degrees, or how you choose to make the split.

Of course, you might have heard that lifting heavy can also hurt your body. You might have been even warned that doing squats can damage your knees.

Well, whoever told you this is probably some wimp looking for an excuse to skip all the hard work that makes you a man.  If you want to look like a wimp, fine! Listen to wimpy advice. But if you want to grow, you better start lifting heavy…

Stop Finding Excuses to Skip Your Workout

It’s easy to say that you have no time. It’s easy to say that you are tired. Anybody can do that. But if you think that great feats are accomplished by people who find excuses for failure, than think twice!

Only people who find it within them to overcome their moments of weakness have learned the way to success.

If you want to grow, you need to forget about excuses and find the guts to give your all at times when you think that you can give none. Of course that you’ll be tired. Of course you’ll feel every muscle burn. What did you expect? After all, there is no gain without the pain.


Eat Big and Eat Fats


Let’s get something straight. Developing shredded abs and growing big just don’t mix with each other. You can’t aim at growing to be a 220 pound monster if you nibble food like a 120 pound man. If you want to grow big, you also need to eat big.

Your muscles need fuel to grow. Before you can start thinking about shredding fat, you need to grow your muscles. Providing them with substantial amounts of quality food is absolutely crucial.

And don’t shy away from eating fats. Yes, we know that many people think that fats are bad for the body. Of course, eating the wrong kind can damage your health.

But, the truth is that if you want to grow big, fats are more than necessary. Make sure that you eat almonds, beef, and drink your milk! Only then you can hope to see the muscles grow big.

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