The Science of Stretching For Muscle Growth : Fascia Stretching

Fascia is the thin, cellophane-like, connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. Just like ligaments and tendons, fascia contains closely packed bundles of collagen fibers that are oriented in a parallel fashion.

Fascia acts like a girdle and binds a muscle group together, and to its neighboring muscle in many cases. You have to understand that fascia is not some loose tissue, but it’s warped so tight around the surrounding area, almost constricting it. Subsequently, healthy fascia is a flexible structure that is able to resist great uni-directional tension forces.

So what does fascia have to do with muscle growth ? Well, a muscle can’t grow unless there is enough room to grow. By wrapping the muscles tightly, the fascia limits the needed room for muscle expansion.

You have probably heard about muscle memory. A person who once had a great size and muscularity, can gain size very fast after losing a great deal of muscle, due to a long time of not training. How is this possible ? While building size, this person also ended out stretching and expanding the muscles encasing tissue. So when he gets back to regular training he is no longer fighting the restrictions of tight fascia, meaning he has more room to grow.

If we want our muscles to grow faster, we have to mimic muscle memory or create an environment that looks like the one where muscles were bigger.In simple words we have to “stretch” the fascia and make room for our muscles to grow.

Here are the steps for a fascia stretching worout:

– A good warm up

It’s absolutely essential to warm up good before you start fascia stretching. We want to stretch the fascia past its previous limits and for this to happen we need full range of motion. A cold muscle has a limited range of motion.A cold muscle is also prone to injuries. Therefore we must warm up adequately before we proceed to the next step.

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