The Real Reason Behind Pain: How the Spine is Connected to Internal Organs!

If your work involves constant sitting on a desk, you are probably a perfect target for back pain. This does not affect only your posture, but also damages the health of some of your internal organs. Worst of all, you can never predict what can happen.

It strikes randomly, and often you are not even aware that it was your bad spine that caused this seemingly unrelated pain in some remote part of your body.

You are probably focused on the place where you feel the pain, trying different treatments seeking different medications with no avail, while you should have turned your eyes to your spine instead.

It is not hard to avoid back pain, and keep your organs healthy as well. It just takes increased awareness of the everyday activities you do, as well as greater dedication and discipline while exercising.

By exercising regularly and being more active, you can put stop to these debilitating pains once and for all, simply by straightening the spine. You might not be aware, but our spine is closely related to many organs in our body.

Here is an infographic that depicts these attachments in details. It can help you determine why you’ve been feeling pain in certain organs.


Depending on the place where you feel the pain, in what area or organ, you should check if there is something wrong with the spine. After that, you can focus on treatment of the problematic spot, and strengthen the spine muscles. In turn, you’ll also eliminate the pain you feel in the ailing organs.

Before that, it would be recommendable to consult a physiotherapist, who can help you in pinpointing your exact spine issues, and can recommend exercises.

As a bonus, take a look of this video with detailed explanations of some exercises you can practice.

Take care of your spine and it will take care of you.


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