Have You Got that Summer Six-Pack Yet ?

Every spring the web is brimming with articles offering tips and techniques on how you get your abs all shredded for the summer.  Most of them cover the same topics that include individual ab exercises and full blown protocols that deliver rock solid and ripped abs, or advice on fat losing diets coupled with tips on the latest supplements that help you lose fat in no time.


Yet, when summer comes most of us return in front of the mirror fully aware that the mid-section of their dreams that they have worked “hard” for full 8 weeks is nowhere to be seen. And with winter just around the corner, the bulking time when most of us fail to maintain the summer line is ominously knocking on your door.

Well, it seems that we’ve located the culprit for this failure. You see, maintaining your physique is not a seasonal thing. It’s a lifestyle that requires you to take care of your body the whole year round.

First of all you have to sort out your daily habits. Your goal should not be attaining muscular body, but constructing a healthy life style.  The muscles will eventually come as a positive result of your healthy habits.

Having that cleared, we can return to the topic: shredded abs.  The best way to make your abs show is to remove the fat layers that cover them.  Our greatest hope of prevailing in the battle against fat is healthy nutrition. We can go at lengths talking about fat reducing nutrition and we might still fail to cover all advice that could help you in this task.

Instead of that, here we’ll try to condense it in a sentence or two:

First of all make sure that you consume as little simple sugars and alcohol, with reasonable intake of complex carbs and healthy fats. That being said, you might also want to increase your protein and fiber intake.

The second factor in decreasing body fat is weight training.  This sort of workout helps you in building more muscle mass which is crucial in losing fat. The bigger the muscles, the more energy they require for proper functioning, resulting in increased calorie expenditure.

The third weapon in our arsenal is performing cardio exercises.  Increasing your heart rate will help you burn more calories not only during the workout, but also after we’ve finished training, as it revs up our metabolism.

At the end of our crush course, here is something to chew on.

Do not try to create a muscular body so that you can show off and impress people. Your body is your own asset, and preserving it healthy should be your objective.

After all, you don’t need a 6 pack to be fit and healthy. Just aim to have as little body fat as possible, and firm and strong muscles to support your body in being active. And remember, even the hardest working bodybuilders don’t have shredded 6 packs all year round. At least not all of them.

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