The 8 Golden Rules for Healthy Weight Gain

Even though many people are concerned with fat loss, there are those who actually have trouble gaining weight. If you are a member of this smaller group of people, then read to see what are the most important steps you need to follow to gain weight.

Eat 5-6 times a day

If you have read our posts you know that we do not advocate high frequency meals for supporting muscle or losing weight. This is simply because we’ve seen Intermittent fasting doing a great job. But when somebody is having a tough time gaining weight, eating 4, 5 or even 6 times a day is one of the most important things they can do.

People with weight gain problems are usually not big eaters so they will need to distribute portions evenly throughout the day to prevent stomach problems. Even if you do not feel hungry, sit at the table when it’s time. Also be sure to eat mostly healthy foods.

Sample distribution of meals every 3 three hours:

7:00 – Breakfast
10:00 – snack (MH)
12:00 – Lunch
15:00 – snack 2
18:00 – Dinner
21:00 – snack 3

When it comes to snacks, try to make them high protein snacks instead of junk food. Protein shakes can also be used as snacks ?

Train with weights at least 3 times a week

Weight training is essential to muscle growth and it contributes tremendously in gaining and maintaining quality muscle mass. However, going to the gym and casually flapping with 5lb weights won’t help you gain weight. The trick is to really tax your muscles with relatively heavy weights (weights that allow you to do 7-8 reps with strict form until failure).

Pay attention to recovery after your workout

Recovery is crucial for muscle regeneration. Taking away the right of your body to renew its forces will soon get you in a dangerous trap. These few things will help you (of course, right after a proper diet) :

Sleep (at least 7 hours a night)
Stretching exercises
Sauna and massage
Drinking water (at least 2-3 liters per day)
Nutritional supplements for strength and recovery

Eat more calories than usual

When you are trying to gain weight, your daily calorie intake should be higher than your normal daily intake by 400 to 600 calories. It is believed that this is the optimal number of calories for muscle growth and minimum fat gain.

Work the whole body

One huge mistake people make is only training their torso – arms, shoulders and back, because over time the body will become disproportional – a solid top resting on chicken legs. Weak legs are a major prerequisite for injuries at every stage of your training. Correct your training program so that it engages absolutely all muscle groups with special accent on the large ones (legs, back, chest).

Incorporate compound movements (which involve more muscle groups) and avoid isolation ones.

Load on protein

As we said earlier, you should take more calories than usual. It’s preferred that these calories come from the consumption of protein-rich foods rather than eating bread and cakes. Prefer meat, fish, cheese, eggs, beans and so on..

Be patient

Good results are never achieved overnight. Hoping that you will gain weight the healthy way in a short time is unreal. Even if you have all the possibilities, 3-4 lbs per month is the maximum you can expect.

Keep in mind that every person is different. Some may achieve their goal only after 12 months of work, others will require up to 3 years. Never give up.

Believe in yourself

Last but not least – believe in yourselves to the last breath. Even if it seems impossible and incredibly difficult to find a way and proceed. If you do not see the result, although you are working hard, you are not working hard enough. Eat more, lift more and move forward.

We are far from thinking that with these 8 tips the topic of weight gain is completed, but they are probably the most important ones, and following them will ensure you a successful start.

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