How To Recognize Someone Using Anabolic Drugs


Anabolics users usually have disproportionately big upper body muscles – especially lats, compared to their lower body parts. This is a result of the greater presence of androgen receptors in upper body muscles and their ability to respond better to resistance training. Because of that, people who start using anabolics often see a rapid growth of their shoulders, traps and back muscles in the first cycles anabolic use. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the leg and back muscle do not grow. Just that their growth is not as rapid. Because of this, users tend to have V shaped body, although they lack the genetics.

However, the shoulder to waist ratio should not be taken as a certain indicator that someone is using. After all, some people are born with good genes. Others focus their training to the upper body muscles but never train their legs.


The use of anabolic drugs can result in skin problems like acne and stretch marks.


Hormonal levels, such as the testosterone, are important for proper functioning of the sebaceous glands. Any imbalance in the testosterone levels may result in outburst of acne, particularly on the back. Many professional bodybuilders have this problem. The only reason why you’re not seeing it on the podium as often is because they conceal it with skin tan.


Stretch Marks

The occurrence of stretch marks may not result directly from anabolics use. However, when you go through the first cycles, you can experience rapid muscle growth. As a result your skin fails to keep track with such rapid change, which is the cause of stretch marks. They are usually located on the sides of the upper lats or the pectorals, and can also be seen on the biceps.




You go to the same gym ever day, and you see the same guys doing the same routines but never gaining any progress, although they were muscular to begin with. Then, one day you enter the gym and you see that same guy with 25 pounds of muscles gained in just three months. And he’s lifting like a crazy for two hours straight!!! Bet you he’s been playing with vitamin S. Although that kind of transformation is doable, it takes much more than a couple of months.



Knowing the signs of anabolics doesn’t give us the right to call everyone with V shaped body a user. After all, some people do have perfect genes. Others work hard to achieve that type of physique, following good training protocols, dedicated dieting and lifestyle. And there are those that have years and years of training under their belts.

A person that fits only one criteria is not necessarily a drug user. However, if someone fits at least three of the above mentioned criteria is probably on vitamin S. Learning how to recognize anabolic users may help you in staying away from programs that promise you instant results, which could be achieved only with the help of pharmaceuticals.

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