How To Recognize Someone Using Anabolic Drugs

Anabolic drugs have been present in the world of bodybuilding for a long time now. If you’ve find yourself wondering how come some guys that you see in the gym have managed to be so ripped claiming to be natural, the answer is: they are probably on roids.

Although this should not be used as an excuse to follow their lead, achieving such results in so little time can be made only with some push from the outside. Today, roids are widely available, and many people choose to use them. Not only professionals that go out on the podium. Even people who regard bodybuilding as hobby would often do a cycle or two. And why shouldn’t they. After all, anabolics are legit and offer great results.

Before getting ahead of ourselves and starting to judge all the people using roids, let’s make one thing straight. Anabolics can be helpful in this sport if they are administered by a doctor. However, it’s their unsupervised use in greater quantities that can lead to disastrous effects. However, this is not a reason to start approving them. At the end of the day, they can be very harmful and addictive.

In addition, their use is highly unfair in competitions where illegal substances are not allowed. Shooting yourself with anabolics while competing against guys that rely on protein shakes for building their muscles is, after all, cheating.

So, bellow we offer you an overview of the five most revealing signs that someone is using anabolics. Here are some of theme:

  • Big swollen guts;
  • Gynecomastia;
  • Greater development of upper body muscles compared to the lower body;
  • Stretch marks and acne;
  • Unrealistically quick muscle growth.




Not all big guts among bodybuilders are a result of using anabolic drugs. Many professionals take lot of different supplements. The use of insulin and human growth hormone can also be the cause of big guts.


However, when someone is using human growth hormone and insulin, chance are that they are using roids as well.



The use of anabolics can result in breast growth in men. This is the result of introducing high amounts of testosterone in your body, which uses aromatization to convert this testosterone into estrogens with the help of the enzyme aromatase.


Testosterone is the key hormone that shapes male s****l characteristic. This function is performed by estrogens in women. These hormones are found in both in men and women, however they are present in different concentrations. While men have 20 times more testosterone than women on average, the estrogens level in women is 5 times higher than that in men.

Aromatization is naturally occurring process in men, and essential for proper functioning of our bodies, since the estrogens are necessary for our proper functioning. The problem arises with the excess introduction of testosterone in our bodies from external sources. You see, the aromatase continues to do its job converting some of the excess testosterone into estrogen. As a result, we see a development of breasts.

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