6 Rules Of Fat-loss


The key factor in maintaining your bodyweight is consistency. You can always lose weight. But if you’re not consistent with your diet, chances are that you’ll soon be in for a rebound. Try eating clean throughout the week, but once a week reward yourself with a meal where you can eat what you want.

The other aspect of maintaining consistency is eating tasty food. This is not an easy task and will take some creativity. However, learning how to eat both tasty and healthy food will help you in turning your diet to a lifestyle.

It’s also important that you keep track of your calorie intake. In that way you can adjust it based on your activity rate and the results of body fat percentage tests.

Healthy nutrition is one of the most complicated aspects in maintaining your body fat levels. Lifting weights and doing cardio is something that everyone can do. But the real key is finding and sticking to the right diet. Often this will require all your patience, but if you want results you need to stand up to the task.


Once you sort out your nutrition, you can speed up your fat loss by cardio exercises. Once again, the key is to be consistent about your cardio. If you want to lose fat but maintain your muscle mass at the same time, limit your cardio to 30 minute session. Of course, you can always go for more, but remember that cardio is all about burning calories. So, the longer your sessions, the less calories remain in your system, and this will prevent building up your muscle tissue.


Another important aspect is increasing the percentage of lean muscle mass. This will help you burn more calories to maintain your muscle activity. The best way of increasing your lean muscle mass is, of course, weight training. There are many different weight training protocols you can choose from. But the first and foremost factor in achieving success is to be consistent about your training. Other than that it’s all up to you and choosing the right protocol. Make sure that it contains enough compound movements. Isolation exercises are good for definition, but if you want to burn fat faster, you need compound exercises. Go for heavy lifting with low rep range of six reps for presses and pulls. You can go with higher rep range when training your calves, abs and arms. You can always decrease you body fat percentage with cardio and good dieting. So use your weight training to give you muscle mass.

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