The Truth About Building Big Arms

Bodybuilders have always been obsessed with their arm size. Even the average Joe is amazed and recognizes well developed arms. There is something powerful about a big and muscular pair of arms, it’s like they almost command respect. 

But a big and well developed pair of arms is a hard goal to achieve for the drug-free and genetically typical trainee. The thing that most of the trainees fail to realize is that you can’t train just the arms and expect them to grow.

The human body is a finely-tuned machine that will only allow for a certain amount of asymmetry. So, if you devote your training energy entirely to building big arms, you would eventually reach a point of stagnation because you weren’t training your legs. That means that your arms can’t grow much while the other body parts stay the same. The chemically enhanced and the genetically gifted are obviously a different story.

In general, improvements in arm measurement are related to gains in lean body mass. According to many experts, for every inch you want to gain on your arms, you need to gain roughly 15 pounds of equally distributed body mass.

In other words, to make significant improvements in your arms, you have to gain mass all over your entire body.

So in order to build big arms it’s best that you build a workout routine revolving around the four big lifts – the squat, the deadlift, the bench press and barbell row, and instead of doing countless sets of isolated biceps curls and triceps extensions that will just overtrain your arms, you could do a simple routine and try to get the poundage’s up in time.

When you become big and strong enough, you can start adding isolating movements to further develop your arms.

You could do a routine like the one listed bellow or similar without worrying about direct arm work :


Free squats 2 x 10
Lying leg curl 2 x 10
abs 3 sets to failure


Bench press 2 x 6-8
Military press 2 x 6-8
Dips 2 x 10-12


Deadlift 2 x 5-8
Pull down 2 sets to failure
Barbel curls 2 x 10

Only work sets are shown. Be sure to do as much as you need warm-up sets before the work sets.

The routine doesn’t look like much but try it for a few months and I’m sure that you’ll be surprised with the results.

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