Upgrade Your Push Up Workout


Wide hand and close hand push up

Like we mentioned the wide hand push up will primarily work your chest, while close hand push up will work your triceps and shoulders a lot more than your chest. If you want to make them harder, try lowering yourself slow (about 4-5 seconds).

Fist push ups

This kind of performance brings a greater challenge because the balance of the body will be significantly impaired.You should protect your fists by placing them on some soft surface.

Incline push ups

These are similar to the basic push up with one significant difference – your legs should be resting on a platform or chair. This makes incline push ups way tougher than regular ones and they also work your upper chest, shoulders and triceps harder than the basic exercise.


One arm push ups

When you have mastered all the other variants you can try this one for size.The legs should be spread wider than shoulders and you should concentrate on transfer of weight on one side (on the hand that touches the ground). When you can accomplish 10 of these, you will be worthy of the title “Though guy”.

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