A Bodyweight Workout That Burns Fat In Minutes

Lately, bodyweight exercises and workouts have become the “new trend” in the fitness society.The fact that you don’t need any equipment makes bodyweight workout routines even more popular.

There is no excuse anymore, anyone can get in shape in the comfort of their own home, without paying expensive gym memberships. Also because most people are always short on time, these exercises are combined in a circuit workout to give you the maximum results in the shortest possible time.If done correctly, the whole workout will last only about 10 minutes or less.

I use circuit training, interval training, and PHA training protocols alternative for several reasons:

1. Circuit training and interval training allows you to implement a lot of exercises in a short period time. This action will keep your heart rate high during the workout and increase your metabolism to burn fat after training.

2. PHA training, or alternating between upper body and lower body exercises, makes a great cardio workout because the heart pumps blood throughout the body at a higher pace.

Here are the workouts:

Beginner Level

After performing each exercise for 20 seconds of time, rest for 20 seconds and proceed to the next exercise. You are going to complete the circuit two times. Do as many repetitions as 20 seconds allows.

– Bodyweight Squat
– Push Ups
– Pull Ups
– Bodyweight lunges

Intermediate Level

– Incline Push Ups (feet on a chair)
– Bodyweight Squat Jumps
– Pull Ups
– Bodyweight Lunge Jumps

Advanced Level

Perform each exercise, for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds and move to the next exercise.

– Bodyweight Squat
– Incline Push Ups
– Pull Ups
– Bodyweight Lunges
– Close Stand Push Ups
– Wall Squats
– Chin Ups
– Abs (crunches)

You can do this bodyweight routine every other day if you are a beginner, and every day when you become more advanced.And believe me when I say you don’t need any expensive equipment to get in shape.

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