Floyd Mayweather’s Workout to Stay in Top Shape For The Fight With Conor McGregor

When it comes to dieting, he’s hired Chef Q, his own personal chef who lives nearby in Las Vegas. His meals cost around a 1000 dollars per plate. But that’s a small price considering his worth has been estimated at around 300 million dollars. Chef Q is at his disposal 24/7 and will cook whatever he want anytime. Every meal consists of things whipped from scratch. Everything needs to be fresh. Nothing bottled or canned since they contain various preservatives which are not healthy for the body.

So, what’s Floyd Mayweather’s diet like?

Floyd’s favorite meal are tacos or spaghetti. However, for the fight he focuses solely on consuming high amounts of protein with no carbs, like chicken, turkey, beef and fish, but no pork. Additionally, he drinks various types of organic juices made from all kinds of organic fruits. He does admit drinking some soda every now and then and having some cheat meals. He loves fast food, but the closer the time for a match, he eliminates it.

Cheat meals are an excellent tool to get you to stay on track when on a strict nutrition regimen. Constantly eating clean meals or meals which aren’t particularly taste, increases the chances of one day ending up with a huge unhealthy food binge. Eating a cheat meal every now and then helps keep your sanity and allows you to enjoy delicious food with no guilt attached. Additionally, cheat meals are proven to increase your metabolism if eaten at specific times.

As with any champion, the two most important reasons for his success are his workout regimen and his diet.

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