Floyd Mayweather’s Workout to Stay in Top Shape For The Fight With Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather has shown many times that he goes through one of the most brutal training regimens ever created. His boxing and training regimen has always been a reference point for what a true champion should endure to become the best. The undefeated Mayweather is 48-0, winning a stunning victory against Manny Pacquiao in what was deemed to be the greatest fight ever in boxing history. The fight that got Floyd out of retirement is the one that needs to happen with Conor McGregor. Here’s what he does to stay in top shape for the fight with McGregor.

It’s not a secret that he likes being in the spotlight, sometimes training in front of a crowd of 50 people. However, he still manages to keep maximum focus and concentration and will not allow a distraction from the crowd. He has said that when he goes to the gym, fans want to say ‘hi’ or take photos, but he’s not there to do that, he’s there to bust his a*s and work as hard as possible to be the best he can be.

 This is what a typical Mayweather workout looks like:

  1. He begins the workout with shadow boxing. This serves to warm up his muscles for the upcoming and more intense bag workout that comes next. When done in front of a mirror, shadow boxing serves to hone his technique and practice both defensive and offensive movements.
  1. He spars between seven and twelve round, mostly depending on how energized he feels. This simulates a boxing match the best and helps him work on all the facets of boxing technique and skill.
  1. He punches the heavy bag for about half an hour, which helps him maximize the potential of his strikes and punches.
  1. He does floor work. This serves to build up his strength, especially in the core. Having a strong core is key to becoming a champion boxer, as well as athlete.
  1. He does pad work, which increases coordination, speed and timing.
  1. He does bodysuit work. Body shots have the potential to throw your opponent off balance and leave him out of breath.
  1. Speed bag work. Jab speed is proven to be the most effective method of disrupting the rhythm of your opponent.
  1. Loaded neck work. He does this because a strong neck is essential for durability and the prevention of sustaining injuries from getting repeated strikes to the head.
  1. Mayweather doesn’t rely on weight exercises for strength. Instead he does bodyweight training – 150 sit-ups, dips, pull-ups, double-end bag, jump rope. This is a circuit of exercises which helps improve muscle endurance, as well as strength in all muscle areas.
  1. 4-7 mile rule. A long distance run will engage the slow-twitch fibers which are needed to obtain maximal endurance in the ring to exhaust your opponent.


Floyd Mayweather is as strong as a rock and has one of the strongest cores and abdominal muscles in the ring. That’s why many who have tried knocking him out, have failed. In order to prepare for the match with Pacquiao, Mayweather chopped wood, the same old-school training method Rocky Balboa used to face Ivan Drago. This old-school classic approach to training provides many benefits, specifically to the core.

Swinging the wood does not engage the arms as much as many people think it does. Chopping wood actually engages the core and is better for cardiovascular training. When you bring the axe along the body center line, then back up again along the center for another swing, you activate the exact muscles a classic crunch would, but this time with added resistance.

Mayweather uses a Cryosauna, which is a new-age kind of an ice bath, which helps him with faster recovery. The temperature inside the ice bath can reach as low as -110 degrees Celsius. The frozen cylinder, which is filled with liquid nitrogen, functions by tricking the body into believing it’s entering hypothermia. This results in the body sending blood from the arms and legs to the core, brining oxygen, enzymes and nutrients with it. When you get out of it, the blood gets back to your arms and legs.

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