High-Intensity, Fat-Burning Jump Rope Workout

It has been long proven that shorter workouts with different levels of intensity are more effective at fat burning than long and steady workout routines.

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is become an increasingly popular training method for both building endurance and shredding the most stubborn layers of body fat.

And there’s a reason for it too – numerous studies have shown that HIIT workouts burn significantly more calories during the post-work period than longer workouts with a moderate and steady intensity.

Alongside with the metabolic boost, HIIT are simply much tougher on the body and demand more energy to be spent for the restoration of damaged muscle tissue.

These workouts are structured in intervals of intense work periods cut with short periods of rest.

But which is the single HIIT exercise that would never come to your mind when you contemplate of trying a new way of burning that excess fat?

Rope jumping, of course. The jump rope workout is the ultimate untypical and rather fun fat-burning workout which is also very powerful for improving conditioning and coordination.

So what exactly makes it so great?

  • It enables you to change the speed and intensity of the training, providing an adjustable workout dynamic
  • It’s cheap, portable and easy to manipulate
  • It involves whole-body movement but you can also use it to target different muscle group
  • If done properly, it has a lower impact on the knees and ankles than jogging
  • It can provide cardiovascular benefits in a much shorter time than other other popular exercises
  • It’s an excellent method for strengthening of the core and shaping the triceps and shoulders
  • It burns more than 300 calories in 30 minutes!

Rope jumping requires developing a certain level of skill before it becomes fully effective.

After you’ve developed a decent level of proficiency with it, you can use a heavier rope for greater muscular activation.

In order to burn fat more efficiently, try the following 10-minute rope jumping circuit as an addition to your standard workout routine:

1. Start by doing 30 seconds of slower paced jumping, a simpler variant.

2. Follow up by 30 seconds of intense, maximum-effort jumping with high knees.

3. Finish with 30 seconds of extended planks or mountain climbers.

4. Repeat the whole set five times, with as little rest as possible in between.


So grab a rope and get your heart racing with this powerful workout!

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