The 500 Calorie Treadmill HIIT Workout

For those (myself included) who are not big fans of a treadmill workout, good news are coming your way: An incentive to burn 500 calories with a specific treadmill high interval intensity workout (HIIT).
For serious runners out there, the treadmill is a “last resort” option when weather conditions are so terrible that normal outdoor activity is prevented.

It’s not just that, many people hate running in the cold or the heat while others have no other option to work out, especially if they have to be at home with kids or don’t live in a safe neighborhood for walking or running. And some prefer the cushioned surface of a treadmill, which takes away some of the impact of running, making it easier on the joints and even the spinal discs.

The 500 calorie treadmill workout

Whatever your reason, working out on a treadmill is a valid option from time to time. And the best way to prevent boredom and get great results from your treadmill workout is to incorporate intervals.

Here’s a simple workout to help you burn calories with your treadmill.

Start by warming up for about 3-5 minutes and to cool down the same way when it is over.

Benefits from incorporating the treadmill interval workout:

1. Burn 100 calories* every 10 minutes.

These are calculated calories burned for this workout for an average-weight woman of 150 pounds. People who weigh more will burn more; people who weigh less will burn fewer calories. Have in mind that each time you complete the set of intervals above, you’re burning 100 calories. If you don’t feel ready for the full 50-minute workout, start with just one or two sets of intervals. You’ll burn 100 calories per set—which is not bad at all!

2. Intervals maximize fat burning.

With a combo of walking and running you tend to push yourself to a high-intensity level with that 7 mph “sprint”. This will help you burn more calories during your workout and continue to burn them even after it’s over. Start by doing 20 second intervals and increase the time to 30-40 seconds if you can.

3. Incline boosts.

Changing the incline on your treadmill when you work out will do wonders for your body and the exercise routine. That incline will push your heart rate higher and add another challenge in the aerobic department which will help burn more calories in less time.

Bottom line, you don’t have to be a “runner” to follow this program. This 500 calorie treadmill HIIT workout has enough variety with small bits of running and walking to work for a variety of fitness levels. As a personal note; you can always increase or decrease the intensity to suit your goals and current level.

Here are 3 HIIT Workouts You Can Do At The Gym besides this treadmill workout.

Please note that HIIT workouts are not for everyone ( absolute beginners included in this group). You need to have at least some sort of fitness to be able to start doing interval training.


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