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Neck Workout For The Ultimate Power Look

As nature suggests, in many of its species, when it comes to the bold and brave alpha male, its not the kind that flounders the biggest biceps in the battle, it’s the one that represents the mean look.

So, if you are after the bad and the bold ultimate physique that screams with power and masculinity, try focusing your workout on your neck.

The “toughest ones” know the difference between all muscles and no game personality types, compared to the man machine that screams power with his presence.

In the toughest areas on the street there is a full-blown hierarchy of power where those you have the biggest arms are not morally the people in charge, so if your want to step up on the ladder of tough power, there is one simple trick you should focus on in order to achieve the toughest look you can pull off in a short time.

A “tough” physique starts with a mean neck, or to be more precise a strong, thick neck that looks powerful.

Give up your pencil neck

Your neck is something that represents you in every situation and it cannot be masked or disguised as wearing huge pants to hide your skinny legs. Same as all other outfits which you can pull on and compensate on certain areas where you lack of muscle power.

But your neck?

Your neck will always refuse to be hidden, and setting scarfs or turtlenecks to disguise this will only draw more attention to it.

So, here we are to set the record straight on this particular matter…

There is a solution for your problems and its called a neck workout. With only five minutes per day, four times a week, you can become something that people will fear when they see your presence.

Head nods

To be more precise this neck workout starts with adequate nodding, or also called head nods. A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Adam Benshea shared the technique himself.

The neck workout

– Start by lying on your back. Then proceed by lifting your head bringing your chin closer to your chest area. Do a full set of 40 reps.

– Then pull your head off the ground and turn your head to the right in a set of 40 reps, then do the same thing on the left side as well. At all times keep your head off the ground.

– Proceed by touching your left ear to your left shoulder again in a set of 40 reps. Remember to keep your head off the ground at all times. Switch side and do the same. This is an amazing and helpful exercise that will build your neck into the shape you have always wanted to be.

And, by all means don’t forget to repeat this neck workout four times per week.


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