Indian Actor Aamir Khan Turned Into a Muscle Machine For His Latest Movie And This Photo Proves It

Aamir made incredible body transformations fluctuating between fit and fat until he got extremely cut in order to play the lead role in a biopic drama of a famous wrester and the end results are nothing short of amazing.

Aamir Khan is a famous Bollywood star that takes his job seriously and really commits to a role once he gets it. And that professionalism has become really evident once he got the leading role for the movie Dangal, where he portrays the former coach and amateur wrestler from India, Mahavir Singh Phogat.

Most movie stars, especially in Hollywood are usually required to get ripped for a role, which isn’t a small feat, but Aamir first needed to gain weight and only then get shredded. And what’s more impressive he did within a timespan of four months.

He has had to go through rigorous training to prepare for a role before but he says he has never done anything as drastic as when preparing for the role in ‘Dangal’. The movie itself is divided into first parts. In the first one he had to gain weight of 95 kilos accumulating more than 37% of body fat. In order to achieve this, he reported eating vada pav, samosa, all kinds of chocolate, candy, brownies, cake etc.

After this, he had to lose it all over again. He lowered his body fat to 10% in just five months which he reports as exhausting. He did this so he could look like the fitter and younger version of the character he plays.

That’s why he started eating more fruits, the Indian food called upma and many protein shakes after he’d complete his hard training sessions. And the end result was awesome. He got cut and jacked with a six-pack, huge arms and big pecs.

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