Amazing Kettlebell Workout That Will Hit Your Pecs, Traps, Triceps, and Core in Just 10-20 Minutes

If you’ve been searching for full-body shredding workouts, look no further than this kettlebell workout.

Kettlebells are an excellent tool for getting an all-around full-body exercise, as their shape and a wide range of motion will constantly challenge your body in unique and most of all, fun ways.

Are you ready to burn off that stubborn fat with 10 minute workouts ?

This upper-body kettlebell training circuit from Men’s Health Fitness Director, JB Gaddour is extremely simple, effective and you can do it almost anywhere. All you need are two kettlebells and some space to do the movements.

You will switch between kettlebell push-up and kettlebell carry to really torch your upper body muscles. Pairing these movements will maximize the muscle growth potential in your chest and triceps, whilst building greater core stability.

Here’s how you’ll do it – set a timer for ten, twenty or thirty minutes.

1. Do as many kettlebell push-ups as you can to a complete muscle failure. Doing kettlebell  pushups to failure will powerfully stimulate the chest and triceps. The pump and the burn is simply incredible.


2. Then, jump on your legs, pick up the two dumbbells, one in each head, and carry them for at least 50 yards. This exercise will effectively work your traps, shoulders, your calves and build functional strength all over your core.

Do as many rounds as you can in a time frame of your choosing. Set your stopwatch anywhere from 10 to 30minutes depending on how fit you really are.


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