6 Proven Supplements for Maximal Muscle Gains

Whether you are just a beginner in the lifting game and are eager to build muscle, or you’re already an experienced lifter who’s been lifting for years, you must still ensure that you’re taking the right supplements.

In this article, we present to you the best supplements to achieve maximal muscle gains.

Lots of people who fall for some questionable supplements which they strongly believe will give them outstanding results in a short amount of time, only to discover in the end that their results are subpar and they waste their money.

All is not lost however, there are lots of supplements on the market which are actually quite effective and can greatly help your progress in the gym.

If you want to save yourself from getting duped, you should do your research first. Let’s delve into some of the most commonly used supplements and carefully examine each so that we can see why they can help you build more muscle.

Without further ado, here are the best supplements for greatest muscle growth:

Protein powder

When it comes to choosing muscle building supplements, protein powder is the absolute king. It should be the first thing one should buy when looking to build muscle mass as fast as possible.

A good whey or casein powder will help supply your body with quality amino acids which your muscles need so that they can be repaired and the broken down tissue restored.

Protein powder is the ideal choice during those times when you’re too busy to cook yourself a full meal and is also an essential addition to your post-workout shake.

You should be really careful when choosing a protein powder as not all of them are equal in quality. Lots of them have a big amount of added ingredients that might not affect your body positively and actually reduce the results that you might otherwise see.

The nutritional values one should look for when choosing a protein powder are around 100-120 calories and 23-25 grams of protein in one scoop.


Next on the list is creatine, and undoubtedly one of the best supplements for faster muscle growth. Creatine is an excellent compound that will help you combat accumulated fatigue during your training sessions so that you last longer and put more effort into each set and rep you perform.

Consuming creatine increases the supply of the precursor to ATP, a high-energy molecule which actually gives you the energy to go through each rep you perform. With diminished ATP supplies, the workout intensity will diminish too, and when you run out of ATP you’re completely spent.

Creatine also allows you to do more sets and reps in one training session and this additional work translates into increased lean muscle mass over time.

Always choose a product which has fast absorbing creatine in it, and it would be helpful if it contained L-Citrulline which increases the blood flow or L-Arginine which will cause a much bigger pump in your muscles.

With these compounds working in synergy, you will experience the most intense workout you have ever had.

Pre-workout supplements

In addition to supplementing with creatine and protein powder, you might want to consider purchasing a pre-workout supplement as well.

Pre-workout supplements ramp up your energy levels, make you more focused during your workouts and they drastically increase muscle endurance. They are sold in almost any supplement store and there’s a great variety to choose from.

Pre-workout supplements will make you feel strong on those days when going to the gym to train feels like the last thing you would want to do. One thing you should keep an eye out for when choosing these supplements is the type of sweetener that they contain.

Lots of them will have artificial sweeteners, which can actually be counterproductive and make you feel not eager to train. Ideally, you will want to find a supplement which contains a moderate caffeine dose.

Caffeine is one of the main active ingredients since it’s caffeine which will greatly boost your energy levels before your workout. You can also use green tea extract, but it will not get give you as strong energy boost as you would get from caffeine.

You should keep in mind though that if you’re using the caffeine-filled pre-workout, you’ll want to ensure that there’s a time window of several hours between when you use it and go to bed, because it can keep you awake and prevent you from falling asleep which will leave you tired and unable to do tomorrow’s workout.


L-Glutamine is another great bodybuilding supplement which can help you build muscle mass and recover faster. It is essentially an amino acid which is involved in your immune system’s response, which means it plays a vital role in how fast you can recover between your training sessions. The faster your recovery, the more times you can train, and the more muscle mass you can gain.

If your body’s glutamine reserves are running low, this translates into much slower recovery, which as we already mentioned means less frequent training sessions, and less training opportunities where you can set new personal records and ultimately less progress.

This is what makes glutamine such an essential supplement. Even though you may ingest some glutamine from the foods comprising your high-protein diet, the amount you consume is very often not enough to meet the requirements of all the intense training sessions you’re doing.

This is why supplementing with glutamine can help you tremendously. To get optimal results, you may start with taking 5 grams immediately after your workout and another 5 before you go to bed.

BCAA(Branched Chain Amino Acids) supplements

BCAAs are the next supplement you would seriously want to consider if you’re planning to add massive amounts of muscle. They are specifically designed to enter into your muscle tissue as soon as possible and help you avoid enter into a catabolic state as you do your workouts. When you enter a catabolic state, muscle tissue is broken down quickly which is moving you away from making progress.

This means that the more you can stay off being in a catabolic state, the faster you will progress. Branched Chain Amino Acids will directly help you prevent this.

They are made to be consumed either pre, during or post-workout, or you could take them whenever you like. Some people choose their dose depending on their budget, and BCAAs aren’t exactly cheap, though not necessarily expensive.

Also, they are very helpful for when you start your cutting phase and looking to burn off the extra fat since they will help protect the muscle that you trained so hard for, whilst burning fat.

Testosterone boosters

And last but not least, testosterone boosters. You most definitely have heard or read about these in many popular bodybuilding magazines or on the Internet and each one of them claims to have some unique benefits to offer.

This is the product with which you need to be most careful as the majority of them are quite simply garbage and totally useless. The ones that are effective, however, can greatly increase your libido and increase overall testosterone levels.

When it comes to having the ability to actually increase total muscle tissue development, they may have some slight effect if they have some key compounds in them, but beyond that, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see a dramatic effect.

The key compounds that we mentioned and that you’ll want to look out for are zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.

It’s suggested that these three work in synergy to help increase testosterone levels. With that being said, you can just buy a ZMA product with the same three ingredients and see very similar results for just a fraction of the cost.

Keep these supplements in mind and if you make wise choices you can buy products that will really help you out, but it is essential that you do some research first.

There are simply too many companies out there that want to rob you out of your money and make a quick buck and will use any time of marketing to get you to buy their trash.


So, read every review you can find and always use common sense before you buy. This will help you to avoid the ones that will not deliver and buy the ones that will prove to be the best supplements for rapid muscle growth.

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