Get Pumped – a Homemade Nitric-Oxide Shake

“The Pump” is a commonly used term the world of bodybuilding.It is a short-term sensation you get during training when your muscles fill up with blood faster than the blood can leave the area, making the muscles appear fuller and larger.When pumped, you will look bigger, more defined and more vascular.

Nitric oxide is a useful tool when it comes to bodybuilding. Nitric oxide increases blood flow while lowering your blood pressure. Increased blood flow means your muscles are being fed an increased amount of oxygen and other needed nutrients.

For this shake you will need:

1 scoop of Whey protein
1 cup of 100% orange juice
1 cup of water
4-5 g of Arginine

Whey protein powder – whey is a fast digesting complete protein that has many benefits in healthy individuals such as promotion of lean muscle mass, contribution of protein synthesis, boosting your immune system, improving recovery time etc. There are many benefits of using whey protein in your diet if you are a bodybuilder/weightlifter/athlete.

100% orange juice – Aside from offering a good dose of medium digesting carbs to be readily available for the body to draw from during workouts, orange juice is rich in vitamin C. this vitamin in particular prevents the breakdown of NO, ensuring your body maintains high levels.

Arginine – If the pump is what you’re after, your pre-workout plan should include an arginine supplement.Arginine is an amino acid, that converts into nitric oxide in the body which reduces vessel stiffness, increases blood flow, and improves blood vessel function.

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