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Best 5 Pre-Workout Supplements for Explosive Energy in 2020

Want more energy and stamina? Looking for the best way to increase your strength and squeeze out a few more reps? Then you should start using pre-workout supplements. Made with caffeine, taurine and other energy-boosting ingredients, these products maximize training performance and intensity. A quality pre-workout formula can delay fatigue and help you stay strong through those last reps. On top of that, you’ll sweat more and have better pumps.

For explosive energy, here are the best 5 pre-workout supplements:


1. PRE Kaged


PRE Kaged is a great pre-workout suppmenet produced by Kaged Muscle. This pre-workout supplement contains a number of proven ingredients linked to improved energy, improved pumps in the gym, stamina, improved focus and even ingredients that help in lowering the inflammation in and around trained areas.

PRE Kaged has been rated as the best pre workout supplement for 2020 by a number of sites, and with a good reason. Besides proven ingredients such as pure organic caffeine, taurine, L-citruline, Beta Alanine and more, it has no proprietary blends and all ingredients are clearly listed. One other pro is that PRE Kaged is probably the best tasting pre workout supplement on the market.

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2. N.O. – Xplode







With 275 milligrams of caffeine and 1.8 grams of beta alanine per serving, N.O. – Xplode is one of the most popular pre-workout formulas available today. This product has been around since 2004, helping millions of athletes break through plateaus. Loaded with creatine, l-citrulline, and tyrosine, it will take your workouts to a whole new level.

With N.O. – Xplode, you’ll have greater energy, improved focus, and more intense workouts. Most users also notice enhanced overall performance and fantastic pumps. This supplement comes in a wide range of flavors, such as fruit punch, blue raspberry, green apple, and grape. It mixes easily and has a great taste.

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3. Cellulor C4


Cellucol C4 increases muscle strength and endurance, helping you push through your toughest workouts. This innovative formula is made with creatine, arginine AKG, beta alanine, caffeine, and B vitamins. It also contains clinically studied nootropics that reduce mental fatigue, enhance concentration, and boost memory. C4 provides energy that hits quickly and lasts longer. High in beta alanine, it allows you to push your limits further and achieve optimum performance.

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4. Pro Supps Mr. Hyde


Considered one of the strongest pre-workout formulas available, Mr. Hyde boasts over 550 milligrams of stimulants and up to three times more caffeine than other products. Creatine HCl, its key ingredient, delivers mind-blowing power and incredible energy. This supplement appeals to pro athletes and bodybuilders, featuring a unique mix of high-powered thermogenic compounds. In addition to creatine, it contains leucine, l-citrulline, beta alanine, caffeine, and yohimbe. With Mr. Hyde, you’ll get muscle-swelling pumps, greater strength, and explosive energy.

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5. MusclePharm Assault


This popular pre-workout supplement boasts a patented blend of l-tyrosine, red beet extract, and beta-alanine. It’s also contains insulin activators and amino acids for increased energy, strength, and mental focus. Unlike other similar products, it has no fillers and artificial dyes. The ingredients in MusclePharm Assault create an optimal environment for muscle growth and fat loss. With 300 milligrams of caffeine per serving, this product is ideal for pro bodybuilders and heavy lifters.

Its proprietary blend reduces muscle soreness and boosts overall strength, which allows you to train harder for longer periods of time. Assault is also a good source of leucine, the most important amino acid for building muscle. Choline, one of its main ingredients, improves focus and mental clarity. This is a truly complete pre-workout system for maximum performance and long lasting power.

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