6 Herbs and Spices Known to Increase Energy and Strength

Every time we want to make a lifestyle change and go on a diet to lose weight, increase endurance, build more muscle and speed stamina, we immediately start thinking of supplementation – creatine and whey protein are among the most common types. However, did you know you can increase workout strength with herbs, too? Some of them actually play an important role in making our routines more productive.

Many people – men and women alike – know very little about herbal remedies for better energy levels. We know that they’re good for our general wellbeing, and that they cleanse the body. But they’re also a major contributor in making us feel better and more energized when working out. Here are some examples:

Red Maca

Known for its power to boost endocrine function, red macais an outstanding herb. Our body’s hormones and glands are stored in the endocrine system. When hormones are released, they disperse and begin taking control of our fertility levels, digestion, brain, nervous system, and levels of energy. The maca root functions like an adaptogen when it gets into the body. It deals with both our internal and external levels of stress. Thanks to its properties, it can protect the body from both physical and mental weakness.

In athletes and average individuals who work out, red maca increases stamina. Many studies performed on the effects of red maca on our system show that the herb is a potent substituent to anabolic s******s, which are more detrimental to one’s health.

Since red maca is an all-natural turnip, it is not considered harmful to the general health in any way. It can be bought from naturist shops, but it can also be found on accredited websites that sell herbal remedies to increase strength.

Black maca

Black maca is an herb that is highly efficient in boosting sperm count in men. The benefits go beyond that. Research has proven that black maca helps relieve stress, memory loss, and fatigue. In certain circumstances, the herb is a powerful natural antidepressant. Because it has excellent anabolic properties, it support muscle growth.

In its composition, we can find lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals; all targeted at making the muscles look lean and strong. Savvy bodybuilders concerned with their wellbeing use products to help them work out that contain high quantities of black maca because they know all about the herb’s great benefits.


Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or amateur fitness enthusiast, it is worth knowing that some herbs can increase strength. Ashwagandha for example, is another powerful herb that can help out. It reduces stress levels, anxiety, and serum cortisol levels by nearly 28%. Also, studies have shown that it may stimulate neurogenesis; a process closely tied to producing new cells. When combined with curcumin (found in turmeric), Ashwagandha stimulates the brain and helps it become more active through the production of brand new cells.

In natural form Ashwagandha can be found in organic and herbal shops across the country. In supplement form, it can be purchased on drug stores and even retail stores such as Walmart.

Rhodiola Rosea

Famous for its abilities to boost attention span and fatigue, Rhodiola is an herb that helps improve memory as well. In several European countries, Rhodiola tablets are given to people who want to be more productive and go through the day without feeling tired and stressed. Many studies have been performed on the effect of Rhodiola on the body. Some emphasize that is can fight oxygen deficiency, boost energy levels and prevent stress. When you work out, the herb may reduce skeletal muscle damage.

Ginkgo Biloba

It’s not new information that Ginkgo Biloba is powerful herb for people’s health. Many studies performed over the years, have proven that it has anticancer properties, and it is an excellent astringent and antioxidant. Used to boost cognitive function in the brain, Ginkgo Biloba also restores the normal blood stream flow in the body; it fights against allergies and it keeps the body energized when people work out. Due to its high content of antioxidants, it protect the metabolism from damaging free radicals too.

Both Rosea Rhodiola and Ginkgo Biloba are well-known herbs used for a wealth of health concerns. They’re easily accessible in drug stores and herbal shops, and since the side effects are non-existent, buyers don’t need a prescription to get them.

Rose hip

Rose hip can be a very powerful herb. Use for many years by ancient populations to make jellies, rosehip reduces all kinds of pains and aches in the body. The seeds from the plant contain insane quantities of vitamin C. They have anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain and increase strength. Rosehip tablets and syrups in particular, are highly recommended when people work out. It keeps the bones strong and gives the metabolism an extra kick.

There’s no doubt that some herbs increase workout strength. However, before choosing the ones that seem to be the most powerful, you are advised to consult a nutritionist or experienced holistic practitioner. The good news is, you don’t need a prescription to buy them. They’re all-natural herbs found in nature, and they don’t feature any side effects that might put your health in jeopardy.


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