Can L-Ornithine HCL Help in Building Muscle

Trying to figure out which amino acids you need to increase in your diet and which ones are most important can be a confusing task. Just by looking at the amino acid profile on a protein supplement, for instance, you probably won’t give L-Ornithine HCL much importance, without knowing the benefits you can rip out of it.

L-ornithine is a non essential amino acid that is produced in the body by utilizing (hydrolysis of) L-arginine. The prefix “L” (latin – left) denotes the spiral structure of the chemical structure of the molecule. “L” amino acids are found in organic tissues such as plant and animal tissue.  Ornithine is one of the few amino acids that have a role in the production of growth hormone and is used for increasing muscle mass while decreasing body fat.

If you are trying to build muscle, one particular thing should be familiar to you – the nitrogen balance. The nitrogen balance represents the amount of nitrogen your body excretes in comparison to how much it intakes. When our body intakes more nitrogen than it excretes, we say that you are in positive nitrogen balance and muscle growth occurs. If our body excretes more nitrogen than it intakes – we say that the nitrogen balance is negative, muscle loss occurs and if the nitrogen is depleted from vital organs,  this can cause serious health conditions. L- ornithine controls the disposal of nitrogen from our bodies.

Because it’s related to HGH production, L-ornithine can be effective when you are trying to lose fat too. HGH is probably the most anabolic hormone in the body and some of its roles include increasing the metabolism and signaling the body to start using fat as energy. Supplementing with L-ornithine will help you keep your weight in check.

Another important function of L-Ornithine is its use in detoxifying cells from harmful ammonia buildup. In short words, it helps the liver function and can slow down the aging process.

L-ornithine dossage and side effects

The best time to take Ornithine is before you go to bed on an empty stomach. A good idea is to take Ornithine in combination with other amino acids, such as L-arginine or as an addition to a protein shake.

Taking more than ten grams a day, however, can result in a handful of side effects like diarrhea, upset stomach and cramps.

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