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7 Reasons You Should Add MCT Oil to Your Nutrition Regime

A lot of people may be petrified of the idea of having to consume saturated fat. And they can’t be blamed since it’s been said for years now that all types of fat cause lots of health issues and having a diet low in fat is the most optimal method to lose weight and be healthier.

But nothing can be further from the truth. The fact is that if you eat the right kind of fats, in which saturated fats are included, you’ll experience many benefits like losing weight, improved immunity system, as well as improved cognitive function.

Over the past few years, coconut oil has become a staple ingredient in most healthy diets, since it offers so many health benefits. It has numerous healthy fatty acids which make our bodies function optimally and at their highest potential.

Besides the numerous healthy fats, it also contains the best of them all: medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs.

These fats are also known as MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids) and are extremely powerful when it comes to maintaining a normal weight, improving brain health, and providing steady, long-term energy to sustain you throughout the entire day.

Coconut oil is not being called a “superfood” for nothing, since it’s made up of approximately 63% MCTs, and is one of the main reasons why MCT oil in its pure form is becoming increasingly popular among the general population.

Why is MCT oil beneficial to our health?

Fatty acids can be put into three categories based on the molecular length of carbon atoms connected to hydrogen atoms: short-chain that have less than 6 carbon atoms, medium-chain that have between 6-12 carbon atoms and long-chain that have between 13-21 carbon atoms.

The medium-chain triglycerides are digested more easily by our digestive system than long-chain. And when they’re consumed, they are immediately sent to the liver, which creates a thermogenic process which fires up the metabolism, which in turn allows the body to use the medium-chain triglycerides as a form of direct energy instead of depositing them as fat tissue.

Numerous studies have shown that lots of people who eat a standard western diet, which makes up the majority of people in the US, are deficient of MCT oils in their diets.

The low-fat diets propagated today among the population as ideal for the functioning of our bodies, are actually causing us harm. According to nutrition experts, we need to incorporate these healthy saturated fats into our diets.

7 benefits of consuming MCT oil:

1. MCT oil helps you maintain your weight within healthy boundaries

MCTs tend to suppress the appetite and have a positive impact on the metabolism, by increasing the metabolic rate quite rapidly instead of our bodies storing them as fat tissue.

While they’re being used as an energy source, they release the stored fat cells as they rev up the metabolism. MCTs are excellent at burning fat. Plus, they can help regulate blood sugar levels, and make sure you keep your sanity when the sugar cravings start creeping up.

2. MCTs make you feel more energetic

Since MCTs aren’t stored by the body as fat tissue, as soon as you eat them, they are being used as an energy source. Add some in your morning coffee or prepare a delicious coffee with a scoop of chocolate protein to give yourself an energy boost as you start your day.

3. They increase cognitive functions and make you smarter

You can look at MCTs as rocket fuel for the brain. When you consume them, they increase the number of ketones in your blood, which have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

This process gives the brain the energy it requires, which helps you be more focused, think clearly and increase the sense of well-being. The brain can’t store excess energy, so it requires a continuous supply of fuel. And, ketones are a lot more efficient for your brain functioning than glucose.

4. They improve digestion

MCTs possess characteristics which make them incredibly efficient at fighting viruses, microbes and bacteria, thus making them work wonders for the digestive system since around 70% of the immune system resides in the stomach.

MCTs make a thorough cleaning of the digestive system and help with many metabolic functions, thus combating inflammation.

5. MCTs decrease inflammation

They are filled with antioxidants, which are excellent in fighting off inflammation. MCTs keep the brain, heart, and metabolism healthy by combatting viruses and bacteria.

6. MCT oil is therapeutic

Lots of studies have shown that MCT oil help tremendously in treating hypertension, diabetes and possess numerous beneficial properties for people who had their gallbladder removed and also experience malabsorption problems. MCTs have also been shown to help in treating Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis, thyroid conditions and seizures.

7. The possibilities are endless

Besides consuming it, you can cook with it, use if for pulling, apply it topically or add it to your beauty regimen. The possibilities are virtually endless and experimentation will prove to be wondrous for your health!

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