4 Reasons to Use Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide or NO (naturally found in the body) is a highly reactive gas molecule, that has a role of transporting information between cells (neurotransmitter).

Its main job is to control the relaxation and widening of the blood vessels, which permits the surge of blood to pass through easily.

Recent studies demonstrated that NO plays a role in a variety of other biological processes including, immune defense, regulation of cell motility and cell life cycle.

Nitric oxide supplements have become very popular in the fitness and bodybuilding industry today because they demonstrated an increase in lean muscle mass as well as endurance during exercise.

4 Benefits of Nitric Oxide Supplements

1. Nitric oxide helps to lower fatigue

By widening the blood vessels, NO helps in delivering more oxygen to the intense working muscle cells, which improves exhaustion tolerance. Delivering more oxygen to the muscles will ensure that we’ll have more energy throughout the workout and also train longer.

2. Nitric oxide increases the pump during a workout

There is something special about feeling the muscle “pump” while you work out. Having more NO in the body increases the “pump” while you work out. Your muscles will feel full, swollen,  motivating you to train harder and longer.

3. Nitric oxide speeds up recovery

As we said before NO increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to the cells, and by that it increases the delivery of the nutrients and anti inflammation components to the muscle cells, allowing the muscles to recover from the intense workout faster.

4. No helps the fat burning process

Mitochondria are small components of body cells ,and also places where nutrients and oxygen are turned into energy. The mitochondria is where all fat is burned, generating almost the energy used in cellular metabolism.

Research shows that nitric oxide not only stimulates the creation of new mitochondria, but also makes mitochondria larger, which helps burn more fat.

Nitric oxide supplements will lead to increases in muscle mass and strength, because of the ability speed up recovery, train longer and with more energy.

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