30 Days to Six Pack Abs Workout Routine

Let’s start this plain and simple: it’s almost beach time and your meaty belly is not quite ready to charm the ladies. Are you’re worried you don’t have time to shape up so your best plan is to just go with the flow and keep your clothes on as long as possible? No way, man. You have just the right amount of time to shake things up and polish your looks. Maybe you need to shed a few pounds of fat or just get more toned and defined – either way, start now!

Need some motivation? Just imagine yourself sunbathing a healthy, ripped body and feeling proud, accomplished and powerful!

As always, we’re here to help you out with your mission with a few useful tips. Everything revolves around burning more fat, right? Well stored fat gets created from the excess calories you consume, so first of all let’s discuss the things you immediately need to change in your diet if you want to see any results.

Tip #1 – Eat less (carbs)

If you plant to burn a decent amount of fat, you’ll have to spend more calories than you consume. As simple as that. Have you been eating healthy and working out regularly but still haven’t experienced significant weight loss? That means you’re still eating more than you can burn, so cut your calorie intake. Or work out harder than ever.

A good rule of a thumb is to start cutting 500-600 calories a day at the expense of carbs. Cut out all the sugars and other simple carbs from your diet.

Tip #2 – More protein

Now, another great way to accelerate your metabolic rate is to include a good quality source of protein in every meal – we’re talking about lean meats, fish, low-fat cheese and yogurt, eggs, beans and nuts. These will keep you full and provide your body with a steady supply of its most important building blocks. Besides that, if you regularly work out, this essential nutrient will help you build muscle mass and repair damaged tissues.

Tip #3 – More veggies

Veggies should also be present in every meal you have. They contain non-caloric dietary fibers which help keep your hunger satiated longer and fight off cravings, as well as important vitamins and minerals that nourish your body and ensure optimal functioning of all vital metabolic processes.

Veggies also contain a certain amount of complex carbs, which is exactly what you need as a replacement for consuming simple sugars from overly processed foods. Complex carbs keep your insulin levels stable which in turn help prevent an increased storage of fat. You can also get them from whole grains, potatoes, beans and peas.


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