10 Tips to Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting

Can you really lose weight but not follow a regular type of diet? The truth is you can and we can help you with that. Here are 10 guidelines or tricks if you will that you can follow:

1. This may not have occurred to you but your plate size is somewhat of a problem. Instead of using your regular size plate, choose a smaller one if you want to lose weight.

Research has shown that eating a certain amount of food from a larger plate, you get the feeling that the amount was too small and you need to eat more.

But if you put the same amount in a smaller plate, then you trick your brain into thinking that there’s a large meal in front of you and you are prone to eat less.


2. Fork size matters as well. The smaller the fork, the more you eat.

The reasoning behind this is that eating with a small fork makes you feel that you’re not reducing your hunger fast enough, so you need to eat more.


3. This tip is great news for women with a lot of male friends. If you are a woman share your meals with men and you won’t eat as much. You might wonder why.

The thing is that women want to present an image of femininity and graciousness, and a huge pork chop or a T-bone steak on their plate aren’t exactly the greatest indicators of that.


4. You should start reading product nutrition label, so that choosing healthy dietary choices becomes a habit.

After a while, you will be able to distinguish between products that may seem the same at first but examined more thoroughly might show some unwanted ingredients. Reading labels makes you eat healthier.


5. Get plenty of water! You should drink at least two glasses of water before each meal. Water will fill up your belly and make you less hungry.


6. Before going to bed turn off your light and all your electronic devices like TV,PC or phone. Research has shown that those who are staying late at night with some artificial light on tend to gain more weight than those who stay in darkness.


7. Get rid of the snacks you keep in your home. Anything within arm’s reach like candy, all kinds of chocolate, chips, waffles or anything similar, will be too tempting not to eat unless you need to get out and buy some from your neighborhood store.

So, you might say in this case, laziness helps you lose weight.


8. In one study a bowl containing salad was placed on a prominent place in a school cafeteria. The vegetable consumption has been shown to increase by as much as 300% per year.

Takeaway point, put some bowls around your home and fill them with vegetables and fruits.


9. Eating surrounded by friends makes you prone to eating more than eating with a stranger or eating alone.


10. Fitness advertising can really mess with your brain. You might see a certain ad and you say to yourself that you can eat whatever you like today because you’ll start going to the gym tomorrow.

That’s just an excuse. You should not look at fitness ads if you plan to lose weight without dieting.

There are literally thousands of diets on the Internet, and trying to choose one or follow through with one can cause an enormous information overload and confusion.

Some of those diets are completely crazy and exaggerated and can seriously harm you. But if you want to shed off some fat and can’t bother to be on a diet, these tips will help you out.

They have all been proven by studies and are recommended by nutrition specialists.

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