Avoid These Foods at All Costs if Your Goal is a Fit Physique

There is no magic formula or a pill for losing body fat. It takes hard work, dedication, consistency, and commitment. Losing weight is not a one time process – its a total change of the lifestyle. There are some foods you need to avoid, or even better – completely exclude from your diet if you want to get good results.


Processed Foods

Processed foods are very cheap and easy to prepare. This is the main reason so many people choose refined over the more healthy options. But processed foods are bad for you. Not one producer will really tell you what is their effect on your figure or even more important – your health.

Processed foods are packed with a ton of chemicals in them to help extend their shelf life, but at the same time they are very hazardous to human health. Another thing they usually contain large amounts of sodium. sugar, trans fat, and saturated fat, which is responsible for high cholesterol levels and can put you at risk for cardiovascular disease.



The problem with sugar is not that much the sugar itself, but the quantities of sugar we consume every day. The sugar is in just about everything we eat, so this makes it very difficult to calculate and realize how much sugar we are eating on a daily basis. The sugar has absolutely no nutritional value – it contains only empty calories.Eating sugar destabilizes your insulin and blood sugar levels, making the excess amount of sugar to be stored as fat.

This is How Sugar Ruins Your Health

Sugar can also cause immune system depression, put you at risk for a heart disease and osteoporosis among other things.


Artificial Sweeteners

Do you think that drinking diet soda will help you lose weight? Think again.The difference between regular and diet beverages is the way they are sweetened.While regular sodas are sweetened by using large quantities of sugar, diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, (like aspartame) which are connected to all kinds of health issues like: headaches, depression, cancers, increased hunger etc.This means you should avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs.

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