8 Tips to Relieve Stress

Almost every person, if not all, experiences stress and anxiety. A lot of stress tends to affect our mental plus overall well-being greatly. This article contains various tips on how you can relieve stress and live a healthy life.

It can be described as a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It occurs when individuals are overwhelmed with various demands or requirements. We struggle with it almost daily while juggling various responsibilities. So what can you do to deal with it? Take a look at 8 ways to relieve stress.

1.    Meditations

There is research on the advantages of meditations to relieve stress. This practice isn’t about clearing your mind; rather, it is about peace of mind. Everything you’re doing is concentrating on your breath plus sensations in your body. That breath is crucial when it comes to managing emotions. You are able to avoid anxiety. The pros of meditation are real, so if you wish to relieve stress, then you need to meditate.

2.    Reduce Caffeine Intake

Caffeine can be found in coffee, chocolate, plus various energy drinks. Increased levels of caffeine can result in enhanced anxiety levels. People have different limits on the amount of caffeine they can take. In case caffeine makes you anxious, then you should think about reducing your intake.

Even though some research has revealed that coffee can be a healthy drink when taken moderately, it’s not for everybody. Rather than choose coffee or energy drinks, you can take green tea. It contains less than half of the caffeine found in coffee and has healthy antioxidants. Moreover, it has theanine, which can calm down your nerves.

3.    Strive to Avoid Procrastination

One of the ways to relax is to avoid procrastination. It can make you reactive; therefore, you’ll be rushing to catch up. This may result in stress, which can impact your overall well-being negatively. Always strive to come up with a to-do list that has the most urgent or important task at the top. Be realistic with your deadlines, and work your way down your list. Give yourself some uninterrupted time, since moving from one task to another can also be stressful.

4.    Reduce Your Time on Social Media

With regard to how to relieve stress quickly, another recommended way is to reduce social media consumption. Utilizing the likes on Instagram as a determinant of success makes you feel unfulfilled and needing more. This will, in turn, cause you a lot of stress.

Social media is not real. People use it for showcasing the positives in their lives, something which can make another person envious. So, if you want to relieve stress, stay away from all social media platforms. Some apps allow you to deactivate the selected social media, thus enabling you to concentrate on some important things. Doing this will give your brain the possibility to focus on one task.

5.    Do What You Love

We have a habit of prioritizing work while not taking a keen interest in leisure activities and play. Sometimes, we perceive doing something for fun, which might not appear to be constructive. Nonetheless, free time is very important. Actually, having spare time to involve yourself in leisure activities is vital to your overall well-being. Doing stuff like playing games to relieve stress is essential.

Playing a musical instrument you like, crafting, or even reading a book is beneficial. Moreover, together with a friend, you can take out your shooting sticks and sit on them while sipping some green tea and watching other people. All these are magnificent approaches to nurturing our mental health.

6.    Get Enough Sleep to Relieve Stress

We all know that stress can deprive you of sleep. Likewise, the absence of sleep can trigger stress. This cycle can greatly affect the whole body. Getting enough rest is one of the natural ways to relieve stress. Strive for at least 7 to 8 hours. Give yourself some time to unwind before sleep.

7.    Eat the Right Foods

There’s a correlation between levels of stress and a proper diet. Whenever we’re weighed down by various issues, we tend to overlook an adequate diet. We start eating sugary, fatty foods. Try to stay away from such snacks. Consume fruits and vegetables. Also, eat fish, which contains elevated levels of omega 3, which can reduce stress symptoms. These are great foods to relieve stress, so always try to include them in your menu.

8.    Have a Journal

Write down your thoughts and feelings. This will help in releasing all the suppressed emotions. Don’t spend time pondering on what to compose. Just let everything flow. When you’re through, you can throw away that paper or keep it.


Have you ever been feeling stressed of late and don’t know how to deal with it? Don’t worry. Stress is manageable. Try the tactics mentioned above. They will assist you to loosen up and feel better overall.

What other ways do you use to manage stress? 

Author’s Bio: Rae is an American author, entrepreneur, and stress management, counselor. She is passionate about helping individuals deal with their emotional issues and life’s challenges in general. To deal with stress, Rae often likes to cook her favorite meals, read books, take her dog for a walk, and practice yoga.

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