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The Best Strategies to Maintain a Healthy Weight 

Eat, Sleep and Repeat! In the middle of this schedule, maintaining a healthy body weight seems like a big challenge. But you can stay busy in your schedule and still maintain a healthy body weight by making some minor lifestyle changes. 

Maintaining a lifestyle – different from your everyday routine makes your life much more exciting. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel much more comfortable in your skin. Also, maintaining a healthy body weight keeps you away from chronic disorders in the long run.

Grab your book and write down the things that are needed to be done, starting from today. 

6 tips for maintaining a healthy weight

1. Build a workout routine

Lack of physical activity is one of the prominent causes of being overweight and obesity. Our jobs or working hours might compel us to lead a sedentary lifestyle but we can still find time to get some physical activity and not become a victim of obesity. 

There is a wide range of workout tutorials to help you get active and lose weight. Trust me when I say that nothing feels more blissful than waking up to the sunrise and sweating it out. So, it is time to buy a pair sweatpants and start your favorite workouts from tomorrow. 

2. Stay away from sugars

Exercising alone may be of no use if you aim to maintain a healthy body weight. One needs to keep a check on calorie consumption. Unfortunately, most of the calories in a typical western diet are consumed in the form of sugars. 

Most of the condiments, packaged and processed foods, baked food items are loaded with refined sugars to increase the shelf life and add extra flavor to the ingredients. 

Sugars have a drastic impact on our mind and body. They impact the hunger hormone called leptin and also make the body release dopamine, both of which make us consume sugar in excess amounts – more than the required. 

3. Count your Calories

Junk foods can make you feel good (in the short run) but they also pack high number of calories, especially the fatty foods and the foods loaded with sugars. That’s why we should keep a check on the number of calories being consumed every day. 

You get 4 calories from 1 gram of carbohydrates, 4 calories from 1 gram of protein and 9 calories from a gram of fats. An average healthy woman should consume around 2000 calories a day (of course one needs to take the age, level of activity, weight etc. here). 

Here is a clearly explained 1200 calorie diet plan to help you manage your calories and assist in an easy weight loss. 

4. Move Around, Stretch, and Relax More Often 

Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean you choose a specific time to work out. Most of the regular activities that can burn calories, often go unnoticed. For example – you can walk an extra mile on the way back to your home, instead of taking public transport. 

You can choose to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator for burning some extra calories. Take long walks across the corridor, move out from your work cabin, stretch and relax in between coffee breaks. Ensure that your body is flexible to move around without any rigidity. 

5. Inculcate A Calorie-Burner Activity as Your Hobby

Personal hobbies can become our calorie burners too! For example – Joining an aerobics session or joining a dance session, increases our physical fitness and makes us burn the extra calories we are consuming. 

It can keep our mind happy and sane by relieving us from stress and anxiety which are also possible reasons for weight gain. 

You can also do a swimming session for refreshment, relaxation and a toned body. Swimming has some amazing benefits that will surprise you. 

A personal hobby like the ones mentioned above (a calorie burner) is the smartest way to keep your weight in control as it keeps your mind, body and spirit active at the same time.

6. Be Selective About What to Add to Your Meal Plate

One of the best tips for balancing the weight is being choosy about what you add to your meal plate. Being conscious of the quality and quantity that we add to our plates brings a drastic change regarding fitness. It makes the weight loss journey much easier. 

Ensure that your plate is filled with fresh fruits, fiber rich veggies, protein-rich foods & leafy greens. 

Reduce your plate size so that you wouldn’t consume the food in excess quantities. Be particular about not letting the calorie-rich foods enter your plate at any cost. 

Bottom Line

No matter how busy we get in our lives, maintaining a healthy body weight can be everyone’s cup of tea. One has to know the tricks and tips to make the process easier.

Inculcating habits like maintaining a regular workout regime, cutting down the consumption of sugars, keeping a check on your regular calorie intake, moving and relaxing more often, making a calorie burning activity as your personal hobby, being selective about what is being added to your meal plate makes your process much easier.

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