6 Main Rules The Endomorph Needs to Follow To Lose Fat

One of the more humorous definitions of an endomorph is someone who only needs to look at food and already becomes fatter. Also known as the big man on campus.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that one of the greatest determinants of our weight loss ability is genetics and when it comes to losing weight endomorphs have been dealt the worst cards. Endomorphs are characterized by round bodies, a high percentage of body fat, and a slow metabolism which results in weight gain even when diverging only a little from a clean food diet. All of this makes it extremely hard for endomorphs to lose the excess weight and maintain a normal weight, which leads to constant frustration and temptations to give up. It doesn’t help that modern society makes it even harder, what with all the junk food, filled with sugar and fried foods found at every corner. It’s like society forces us to be fat.

If you are an endomorph, there are several facts you need to be aware of: your sympathetic nervous system is a bit slow, you are insulin dominant and you have a troubled carb tolerance. In other words, you don’t have the same set of genes as some skinny guy who can’t seem to gain weight no matter what.

Now that we’ve finished with the sad, but real facts, we can look at the bright side. Even in this situation, there’s a silver lining, which is your body is predisposed to packing on muscle mass a lot easier than the skinny hard-gainers. Make the most out of your body type by lifting hard and heavy and minimizing rest intervals between sets as much as possible. That means that:

  • Your workouts sessions need to be intense and aggressive.
  • You need to lift relatively heavy loads.
  • You need to follow a strict nutrition regimen comprising of clean foods (you can also introduce supplements if need be), in order to minimize fat storage.

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1. Eat more protein

Your body will expend more energy to digest the consumed protein in comparison to carbs and fats. This is known as a macronutrient’s thermogenic effect. Some studies have suggested the body expends 30% more energy to digest protein. This basically means that if you ate a meal that had 100 calories coming from protein, your body would only use 70 calories. Protein is the main building block of muscle tissue, which is highly metabolically active, which in turn makes weight loss a lot easier. You can take advantage of this fact by adding lots of lean protein in every meal you eat. This means eating eggs for breakfast, beef for lunch, a protein shake post-workout and turkey for dinner.

2. Eat the right kind of fat

Because fat has been demonized for far too long, you might find this counterintuitive at first, but consuming the right kind of fat can help you lose weight. Some say that up to 40% of your daily calories should be from fat. As we already said, it is crucial that we choose the right kind of fat. A third of the fat intake should be from monounsaturated fats which are found in olive oil, avocado, nuts, nut butter, a third from polyunsaturated fats which are found in fish and fish oil, nuts, flax seeds and a third should come from saturated fats which are usually found in animal fats like meats, eggs, butter etc.

Don’t worry too much about the percentages. Your main focus should be eating a lot of mono and polyunsaturated fats, fats that we don’t consume enough in our diets. This means adding avocados, olive oil and fish oil to a diet that is already high in protein-rich foods and veggies.

3. Eat fewer carbs

Carbs can be particularly hard on endomorph bodies because of their specific relation with insulin. Insulin is the hormone which signals the body to absorb the sugar in the blood and then use it as an energy source. Protein and fat consumption has a negligible impact on insulin levels. Carbs, on the other hand, have a tremendous effect on insulin levels.

The main issue is that due to a mix of genetics and conditioning from the environment, the endomorph body isn’t particularly efficient when it comes to using insulin as blood sugar regulator. That’s why endomorphs should avoid fast-digesting simple carbs which will make your insulin and blood sugar levels go through the roof. As you become leaner, you can start eating starchy carbohydrates in your post-workout meal or shake; however, you should still avoid sugary carbohydrates. Vegetables are an excellent substitute and are packed with micronutrients.

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